Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Thursday, December 31, 2009
And suddenly a new year is upon us.

Right now slate blue and grey clouds illuminated by the setting sun are hanging over the ridge of bare aspens on the far shore of the lake. It’s strange to think the next time we’ll see the sun it’ll be shining on 2010.

It seems it might be an appropriate time to wax nostalgic on the passing year. While not likely to go down as one of my more notable years, 2009 wasn’t without its interesting bits. Namely, I went from temping in corporate America to living in a Shack in the middle of the Minnesotan North woods. I may remain baffled as to what sort of day job truly suits me, but slowly and surely, I’ve had success in the writing world this year: there are deadlines and a blog that weren’t there before. Not notable, but not half bad. Here’s to bigger things in 2010.

The return to work has me a little discombobulated. We have yet to set upon a weekly schedule so my life currently lacks any sort of routine. Andy and I have started the “who are you?” dance with our conflicting schedules. Anything that doesn’t absolutely need to get done is being left to slide. When I got home from work this afternoon I ran around filling bird feeders and watering plants. I felt like such a bad mother. Let’s not even talk about the dirty dishes and laundry.

I know they’re having trivia night tonight and I’ve been invited to another New Year’s Eve gathering, but I may opt to stay home with my knitting, lame as it is. I had an editorial meeting (doesn’t that sound official?) yesterday morning from which I went immediately to work, worked until close and then opened this morning. We’ve also spent a fair bit of the week chasing the Corolla which spent sometime at the shop this week and is now in possession of an engine heater to make the -20 morning starts smoother. That’s really just a long way of saying, I’m tired and it’d be nice to not run around this evening.

I hope whatever finds you (whoever you all are) this New Year’s Eve finds you well and safe and looking back happily on the passing year and eagerly anticipating the year to come. I’m glad you’re all here reading this. To Auld Lang Syne and bright times to come. Happy New Year!

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