Tooting Horns

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Now that’s the snow here, the temperatures have dropped and sun has come out to set the new snowy world sparkling. It’s all so pretty. Even prettier because I know it can only last another two months at the most. Right? Regardless, the April traveling begins on the 3rd of the month which means I’ll be pretty much out of the picture for all of that last minute winter nastiness. And yes, I do realize that it has been known to snow in May.

I have an article posted here. It’s on page 18 and entitled “For the Love of Music.”

While we’re at it, this picture, which I entered into the Share the Experience photo contest ages ago (last June), has made it into the top 125 finalists. The contest runs until January 31st and could use your vote. You’ll have to enter your email address (they really don’t send any promos as a result) and the easiest way to find the picture is to look in the U.S. Forest Service category. It should be on the third page. The picture was taken at the Superior National Forest in the area that burned during the Ham Lake Wildfire in May 2007. I’m not sure how my little photo of baby pinecones got clumped with so many other beautiful pictures, but it’s pretty fun.

Right now Andy’s in the midst of studying for his Firefighter class exam. The test’s tonight and he’ll be a real, honest to goodness fireman after it.

It’s been so long since we’ve had time off together, we’re not quite sure what we’re meant to do. I’ve been pulling together some stuff for some queries and am trying to make contact with an interviewee for a current article assignment.

In answer to your question Shelly, I don’t sell my knitting; it’s just a hobby. I’ve considered creating some pieces to sell as a bit of supplemental income, but the price of yarn alone, never mind labor, costs about how much people would want to pay for a finished piece so I think it will remain a labor of love for the time being. Maybe someday though. I have dreams of someday being paid only to do things I truly like to do.

So far this past weekend’s snow hasn’t correlated with a pick up in business. Hopefully the sled dog marathon that starts in Duluth this weekend and passes through on Monday and Tuesday will be the kickoff for some winter tourism. We certainly need it. The more days go by with little business, the edgier everyone gets.

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