Lions, lambs: month two done

Sunday, February 28, 2010
And just like we all knew it would, February has disappeared with a blink and a yawn. Now that we’re on the last day of February, it’s time to be held accountable for the month past and to set goals for the month to come. The vast majority of February’s goals have checks next to them. There’s one short story project that continues to evade attention each month and I am four queries behind where I wanted to be. Oooo, that’s not so good. In my defense, in the past couple weeks I’ve undertaken a rather massive project and I’m not sure it makes sense to put energy into seeking out more work when it already feels as though I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

Since graduating from college, March has always marked some sort of transition in my life. In addition to containing my birthday, the month has signaled the end of work in London, the end of temping for a major retail corporation in the Cities, and this year, the end of waitressing. I’m anxious to see what the summer brings.

With the end of waitressing, comes April! I’m ready for the travels, although neither Andy nor I have devoted any energy into figuring out a rental car for the Pacific Northwest trip. Maybe not completely ready yet. . . .

March’s writing goals will have to take into account the April travels. In the new year I’ve managed to make a variety of continuous engagements, which means I’ll have to do double-duty next month, doing both March and April’s assignments. The novel rewrite is also slated to wrap up in March and there are plenty of other things to focus energy on. If this keeps up, I’m not going to have time for a day job. Haha. Case in point: I sent in two articles this morning and when I entered them into my submissions log, I realized I’ve submitted ten articles already this year. I may be dreadfully behind with queries, but it’s also important to note that I’m light years ahead of where I was with my freelance work last year.

Watched the first two periods of the Slovakia/Finland bronze medal hockey game last night. It looked like a bronze medal game. Compared with last Sunday’s U.S./Canada games, the game moved at a sluggish and somewhat under-motivated pace. I left at the end of the second period, right when Slovakia was up 3-1. I’m sad to have missed Finland’s comeback, but not as sad as I am to have missed every single bit of women’s hockey this Olympics. Andy and I had plans to go in the U.S/Canada game this afternoon, but the game starts before Andy’s off work and with a half hour drive to work, we’d miss way more of the game than we’d actually see. Despite having watched barely any of them, the Olympics have provided some sort of structure to the end of February and it’s kind of strange to think of them wrapping up already.

March tomorrow.

Will it come in:

Like a lion?
or a lamb?

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