On Itty Bitty Months

Thursday, February 4, 2010
My goodness February took off with a bang. After two mayhem filled days of serving eggs and hot cocoa to mushers at the restaurant, the John Beargrease is over. I saw one dog team come in through the corner of my eye while I was working, but my primary job was making sure all the mushers, handlers, judges, vets, and volunteers were feed and watered. Although I was in the fray of things, I really saw very few sled dogs. It was a lot of fun. Now everyone’s properly worn out. Although everyone is expecting tourism to pick up in February, especially over the President’s Day weekend, for the time being it’s back to the same old, same old.

That said, I’ve got a load of freelance work that needs to get dealt with over the next week. I completed and invoiced one article this week, now I have three more to get written. I’ve done two interviews already this morning and am busy trying to schedule in-person interviews for early next week, despite the fact that I can only assume what my schedule is. No rest for the weary around these parts. When did life get so busy?!

On top of the freelance work (and the five novel chapters that are slated to be revised before the month’s end), I’m trying to get re-involved with the local community radio station. For four years during my teenage years, I was co-producer of a weekly children’s radio show for the station which may, or may not have influenced my desire to go into the communications field. I’ve spent most of the seven years that have elapsed since the last broadcast of Ragamuffin Radio thinking I wouldn’t be returning to this community. Now it seems silly not to be involved again. The station offers great opportunities to further develop some skills and has a great passionate, hands-on nature.

Sometimes opportunity knocks. Sometimes you have to move around some doors before opportunity finds them. Right now, I have to figure out what exactly I want to do at the station.

Andy has a new truck! Although he turns a little green at the gills when he thinks about how much he spent on the 2008 Toyota Tacoma, the greenness quickly fades into a big goofy smile whenever he drives it. After over a year of trying to jam two people and some belongings into the teeny cab of his older Tacoma, it’s really, really nice to have an extended cab with room for: groceries, suitcases, cd cases, boots . . . . It’s a much smoother ride too, but now we’re really on a budget.

For the last seven years, I’ve submitted to my college’s annual literary and artistic journal. This year, with the focus on getting the novel done already, as well as the constant pursuit for paying gigs, I’ve spent very little time working on short stories or poems. I’m not much of a poet and since any monetary compensation for poetic efforts is usually best described as a pittance, I will probably remain “not much of a poet.” I’m okay with that, but it did dawn on me that I have nothing to submit to this year’s Out of Words. Actually, the annual has been re-titled The Freshwater Review since I graduated. Regardless of what it’s called, the deadline is February 25. I should be able to dig something up in the files. Or maybe I’ll just whip something up . . . in my free time. Haha.

March is going to be here in no time, I just know it. Might I request a longer month?

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