One of Those Days

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Today is March 4th, the only day in the year that also doubles as a command. I’m not so much marching forth today as I am floundering forward. It’s one of those days when I should be highly focused and productive so I can get a bit of work in before I head off for the lunch shift. Instead, my biggest accomplishment so far today has been dumping my jar of change on the floor to sort through it and remove all of the quarters so that the jar of laundry quarters is nice and full.

To give you an idea of how things are going, this morning I walked downstairs, cranky, groggy and thirsty. A glass of water sat next to the sink. Mistaking it for leftover Emergen-C water, I drank it down. It tasted a bit funny. Kind of like a brewery.

“That water tastes funny,” I told Andy, who had already showered and was much perkier than I. He let out a high-pitched, uncontrollable chortle.

“That’s because it was melted ice water from a bourbon and coke,” he finally spat out.


I poured myself a glass of water from the tank of filtered water in the fridge and carried on.

In other news, a batch of articles is up online. You can see them here, and here, and here too.

We finally put Andy’s canoe to bed for the winter yesterday. Technically this should have been done in November, but somehow the snow came and the canoe got forgotten behind the Shack where it became a canoe-shaped snowdrift. Recently, with the longer days, the canoe-shaped snowdrift transformed into a canoe as the snow melted off the canoe’s black bottom. To prevent UV damage, the canoe got driven 35 miles to be stashed in the cabin’s basement. It must have looked pretty darn optimistic to anyone who spotted us driving around with a canoe on top of the Corolla. Someone asked yesterday when the snow was coming. “Any day now,” I said. But honestly, I’m okay if the snow stops coming. It could be spring now.

Had a nice long tromp through the woods after we deposited the canoe yesterday. The sun’s warm enough that you can actually feel heat on your cheeks and hair. The snow’s still pretty deep though. It went up to my mid-thighs in some places.

Time to think about getting to work, where hopefully I’ll be a little more alert and with it.

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