A Day Off of Sorts

Friday, May 7, 2010

The seedlings are starting to pop up!

Things have been kind of nutty around here lately. (To think the full-time job hasn’t begun yet!) We’re pretty well settled into the new living space for the summer, but there still remains a sense of transition. This morning, as I prepared to help out with a filming about my summer employer, I realized I didn’t know where my matching mittens, hat, and scarf were. It was 40 degrees and I was supposed to be filmed outside. All I could find was a black polka dot scarf, teal gloves, and a navy blue beret. So I went bareheaded and sans mittens and sniffled my way through it. Now I’m back in the cabin, nursing a cup of cocoa. The weather which was so unseasonable for the last two months has taken a turn for the seasonable. We have rain/snow mix predicted today.

It seems lately, my days have been disintegrating into splinters of themselves. It’s been feeling as though I’m back in college, cramming for finals once again. I have fond memories of college, but those three weeks or so leading up to finals every college semester are not times in my life I would voluntarily repeat. On two separate occasions, I wrote a ten + page paper over a weekend, from outline to bibliography, doing all of my research on Saturday and all of my writing on Sunday.  (I should note that in both cases, the professors had outlined their courses so you were meant to work on the paper over the course of, pretty much, the entire semester.) Somehow, no matter how things get planned out, I always end up with cram sessions. And it is a cram session in which I exist at the current moment.

But there’s only so much running around for interviews and research and phone tag, a person can take. So I’m taking the day off. I wrote a radio commentary this morning, did the filming thingamajig before lunch, and now I am blogging. I think that will be it for the day. I might even stoke the fire and sit down with the Anne Lamott book I’ve been meaning to read since December. If the weekend goes as I think it may, it’s going to be busy. So I think I’ll tuck in a quiet moment before the last big push of freelance work takes place next week.

For one thing, it’s been ages since I’ve read through an entire Funds for Writers newsletter. C. Hope Clark’s weekly newsletter comes out every Friday afternoon and it’s pretty much the definitive guide out there for writers looking for any sort of funding for their craft: be it grants, freelance markets, residencies, you name it. Since the start of April, I’ve skimmed through the weekly emails (and the bi-weekly Total Funds for Writers). Although I’m currently not searching for funding, I always look forward to reading Hope’s editor comments and I feel like the newsletters help me keep on top of the writing industry as a whole. I’ll be glad to take the time it takes to read through today’s newsletter in its entirety this afternoon.

Whatever this weekend finds you doing, I hope you at least have a moment or two filled with whatever makes your heart happiest. Happy Friday!

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