Baby Animal Photos and a Mighty Storm

Friday, June 18, 2010
It wasn’t exactly the most extreme weather we’ve ever seen in these parts, nor did we experience any of the tornados the rest of the state got yesterday, but last night we had a ton of lightning and got more than an inch of rain in just one hour. I’m hopeful that this means our humid spell has snapped. Now if we could have a stretch of 75 degree days with sunshine, the squash plants would be ever so grateful. . . .

Our loon family has moved on to another corner of the lake, but we sure got a kick out of this little guy who hung around most of Wednesday.

The parents weren’t too bad looking either.

The outdoor world is teeming with babies right now and if you’re opposed to heart-wrenching stories about baby bunnies, don’t read Tuscarora Lodge's blog. On my walk home from work yesterday, I found a newly hatched turtle nest along the side of the road. I hope all these little turtles made it safely to the pond right next to the road.

Andy reports that this year’s Mid-Trail fox kits have arrived in fluffy glory to mug for passersby on the side of the road. There are few things in life as cute as a line of baby foxes gamely watching you drive past. You get the distinct feeling that if they were human kids, they’d be making the signal for you to honk.

This fledgling flicker paused for a while on top of a birch tree at work. I’m so used to seeing flickers in flight that it took me a minute to determine what exactly it was!

No Bruno pictures. Of course I only run into large wildlife on the days I forget my camera at work.

I’m taking the day off and heading into town to work on another project. We’ve also reached the point with the grocery supply where we always seem to be missing some crucial ingredient to whatever I think I might want for supper, so it’s off the grocery store again, among other errands. One of the biggest problems is that we keep running out of bread. For some reason I’m convinced I’ll have time to bake, but other than little sweet after supper treats, the baking (especially yeast) just isn’t happening.

I’d be happy to stay home and tend to the garden and finish up Olive Kitteridge but since there’s a paycheck to deposit (and coincidentally, bills to pay) it’s jiggetty to town with me. Maybe I’ll see the baby foxes!

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