A Severe Case of the Mondays

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I once had a co-worker who worked Friday through Monday.

“Monday is my Friday,” she liked to quip to grouchy workers who slumped into work every Monday. I’m not sure it made them feel much better.

Since I now work Thursday – Monday, I thought it was pretty great that I could now adopt this quip as my own. But today I learned the hard truth of the matter. No matter what your days off, there is always a “Monday.”

And it’s not quite so much fun to have Thursday as your Monday when Friday still brings, well, “Friday” sort of deadlines.

It’s not that things were a train wreck today: all told, it was a pretty pleasant day filled with lots of nice people. But I was busy with things that really needed to be mulled over quietly, away from the hustle and bustle of a very busy public building. There were a few tense moments waiting for someone to show up who’d been significantly delayed by traffic. Then the power went out. Which made that last hour and a half of the day -- when I’d planned to catch up on email communications and the like -- just seem all the more futile since the internet server was down until closing time.

But to everything, a silver lining.

The comedy of errors of today ended up enabling me to get home in time to catch one of the first airings the CCC documentary  I’ve talked about off and on for the last five months. It’s finally done! Or at least, the first of six episodes are done. . . .

My thoughts are not coherent enough to finish up the article that needed to be submitted tomorrow. So I have an early morning spent writing and editing ahead of me tomorrow.

Let’s just hope this case of the Mondays doesn’t spread to “Tuesdays.”

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