Washing Baggies

Monday, September 20, 2010
We don’t do dishes as often as I might like here at the cabin, but when we do, there always seems to be load of little plastic baggies, accumulated from both our packed lunches, waiting to be washed. On any given day, you can come through the cabin front door and be greeted by at least three plastic baggies in the drying rack, draped over spatulas, the dish detergent bottle, or any other clean, vertical object in the general vicinity of the sink.

In my way of thinking there’s no reason to go through a box of 30 sandwich sized baggies in a month when I can wash a single baggy for weeks on end and drastically extend the life of the aforementioned box of baggies. But I have friends who think otherwise, and to be honest, I sometimes wonder if it’s really worth it. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy scrubbing encrusted peanut butter out from the inside of a baggy?

To be honest, I don’t think any one’s a great fan of washing out plastic baggies. (Kind of like water bottles, which both Andy and I pretend not to see on the counter top when we do dishes.) There’s just something not very pleasant about it. While washing the baggies works fine most of the time, sometimes I do end up eat nectarines or what have you  which taste mildly of dish detergent out of a washed baggy.

I also wonder if all this washing is really good for us. By washing the baggies over and over again, who knows what nasty plastic chemicals are breaking down in the dish water each time I wash them. Maybe the best thing is to fore go plastic baggies completely? But oh, that’s inconvenient. . . .

Where do you come down on the whole washing baggies issue? Waste of time? Or a waste, not to?

Will this little world of ours be saved by teeny acts like washing out and reusing plastic baggies?  I like to think so, because I have so very little to offer the world when it comes to patching up our environment. Without a great scientific brain, the only way I can change the world is by how I live my life. But as you might expect, the best way to go about that life is always a bit confused.

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