Friday, October 15, 2010
At long last, the summer season is wrapping up and I have just three (THREE!) days of work left. I've been looking forward to the winter months with uncharacteristic longing this year and since business has slowed to a mere trickle of daily business, it's proving to be time to shut up shop and direct energies otherwise.

Because Wednesdays have been a bear to get covered all season and since we close on Sunday, I begrudgingly  selflessly decided to shift my weekly schedule back a day, so that instead of working Thursday-Monday this week, I'm working Wednesday - Sunday this week, and just took Tuesday off. On paper, the move made perfect sense. In reality, I'm having a hard time figuring out what day of the week it is. Feels like a Saturday to me, but thankfully, it's just Friday, since Friday happens to be a deadline day.

Got up this morning to finish up my monthly writing assignments. I'm flirting dangerously with the deadline, but am basically done. Huzzah!

While I got up this morning at a reasonable time, Andy did not. Having come down with "the crud", he's laid up in bed, sniffling away.

It's all a little discombobulating. What day is it again?

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  1. I am a bit late, you may have figured yourself! By now its Monday ;-)))
    I am sniffing and sneezing on this side of the pond and I am never looking forward to Winter! Being new to your blog, I have to read backwards a bit to understand about your shop!Have a wonderful week!


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