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Sunday, November 14, 2010
It's not secret that motivation flagged a bit at the start of the month. When faced with the dichotomy of transcribing interviews (for which I get paid) or blogging (for which I do not), I opted for blogging. I lounged on the couch, pretending to write a synopsis of the novel. I thought about querying some freelance gigs.

Last week, things were different. (Amazing what a looming credit card bill can do to you get plunked down at the computer churning out work, isn't it?) The butt stayed in the chair and work was completed, some of it before deadline, even. Luckily, the Friday before last, Andy and I had one last day of glorious and slightly ridiculous adventures, the memories of get me through these dark times of actual hard work.

It started off innocently enough as we set out to set up the deer stand. But we got distracted by the large white pine that had fallen down a couple weeks back and had yet to be removed  Andy decided he needed a new splitting block so he sawed off an 18 inch tall chunk from the fallen tree. Getting the hunk of tree trunk into the back of the truck was a mind over matter affair: the tree was at least two feet across at its widest point. It was probably about 300 years old when it fell, about its base had been rotting away for some time before the wind finally got it.

The chainsaw looks teeny compared with the size of the log!
Moving on . . . We bumped down the road and set up the deer stand. The stand was up in a matter of minutes, but there was still a fair amount of crashing around in the woods as we established a back route to the stand that didn't involve tromping down the deer trail that the stand overlooks.

We ran home to grab some lunch, where we both noticed that the Jack O' Lantern was no longer looking its best. In fact, the inside was completely black and icky  So Andy proposed we take the pumpkin with us to the shooting range.

Andy transforms a pumpkin into a target
Least this seem a frivolous waste of time and pumpkin, it was the day before deer opener --so Andy was sighting in his rifle --and the pumpkin came home with us and is now on the top of our compost heap.

After picking up and stocking a truck load of firewood, the day of ridiculous adventures ended with a campfire on the beach near the cabin. It was a perfect autumn day. 

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