Thank Goodness for Mailboxes and Pies

Friday, December 10, 2010
I forgot it was going to snow yesterday. Maybe because Wednesday was sunny, glorious and subsequently cold: so cold in fact, that Andy and I spent a good portion of the evening watching the outside thermometer dip down below zero. But when I got up yesterday and saw the temperature had risen to 20 degrees outside, I knew something was up. Sure enough, all yesterday I looked out the window and saw nothing but white: the far shore of the lake disappeared in a howling swirl of wind and snowflakes.

On Wednesday, I also had a great writing day with Rose & Co. As we sat around the table working on our writing prompts, Rose set about writing a short story about “woe.” In the story, she artfully described all the ways we keep ourselves miserable during the winter months. You know: no exercise, too much chocolate, dwelling on the darkness and cold, staying up too late and subsequently starting our days too late.

The story struck a chord.

After a blah, blah, blah snowy November, I’ve tried avoiding woe this December. That means throwing myself into work, adopting a nearly daily exercise routine and not “eating my feelings.”

But oh when it’s blustery and cold and snowy, it’s hard to make yourself go outside.

Luckily, yesterday I had to go outside. The wintery weather had pretty much depleted our wood rack inside and I needed to fill it. And then there’s the mailbox, the hallowed mailbox. The possibility of mail waiting for me in the mailbox each afternoon is so alluring, it gets me outside making the mile-long round trip out to the mailbox even on days like yesterday when I was so bundled up you could just see my eyes peering out from between my hat and my scarf.

I finished my work hours for the week early yesterday and this felt like a major accomplishment. (Never mind the gazillion other “to-do” commitments I need to address before the week’s done). When I got back from filling the wood box and getting the mail, I couldn’t stand the thought of parking myself in front of the computer again. So I thought to myself: “I’m going to bake a pie.”

Regardless of your feelings about the overall quality of the movie Waitress, I adore the idea of
baking pies as therapy.
And yesterday baking a pie full of blueberry loved seemed like a really good idea.

It was a good idea.

Sometimes life needs to be simplified if we’re to escape woe’s clutches. Things like Christmas cards arriving from faraway friends and or making a flakey pie crust while filling the house with the wonderful smell of baked goods are perfect antidotes to winter woe.

Just one more reason why life is better with butter.


  1. I am baking bread for therapy ;-))) This one could convince me to switch to blueberry pie. So yummy!

  2. Hopping over from Blog Frog. I love this post. I also give thanks for little things ... pies and mail boxes are great ones.

  3. Ada, I have heard - even here in Germany - that it is snowing badly in your region. I hope you are ok!

  4. I can definitely see where baking is therapy! I absolutely LOVE your header photo. Is that your place? If so, I am extremely jealous!

    As for winter...I hate hate HATE cold weather! But I enjoy the extended darkness. Weird, I know.

    Just surfed in from Blog Frog/SITS :)

  5. YEs, sometimes we need to be side track. Yesterday my son and I made cookies and brownies.

  6. Oh my that pie looks lovely. I'm not much of a baker...but I might start!

    Sadly, I can totally relate to that story of "woe" but I live in the southwest! It is supposed to hit nearly 80 degrees this week. I miss "real winter".

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way. I'll be adding yours to my subscription list for sure!

  7. No such thing as "too much chocolate". ;)

    I actually am much happier in winter than in summer. I love the long, dark nights. I love to watch the weather from the snug house.

    It's a good time for inner work.


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