Wordless Wednesday: Things Get Owly

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
It must have started with the pumpkin we carved for Halloween last October, but lately things have been a little owly around the cabin.

Remember, when I headed over to the nearby environmental learning center before Christmas? My friend Kati is a grad student at the center and is certified to handle the two owls who live at the center.

We got to meet Hunter, the Great-Horned,
and Arcadia, the pint-sized Saw Whet. She's missing a eye, because she was hit by a car in the Twin Cities area and had to have the eye amputated. Luckily she survived and now she's able to help educate people about owls. (Hunter also has injuries that wouldn't allow him to survive in the wild.)

Then on Monday, we found this little fluff ball (another Saw-Whet) taking a morning snooze in the cedar trees near our bird feeder area. 

When it's the middle of January, we're all bound to have a few "owly" moments.


  1. Ooh, I have to say, owls really do freak me out! I like them as a "decorative statement," such as cutesy owl cartoons on things, or sketches of owls, but the real ones make me feel very anxious! Like it's going to swoop in on me... Eek!

  2. I've never seen an owl in real life.
    The little one with one eye just makes you want to hold it and take care of it.

  3. We have owls around us in our forest. Late at night we hear the shriek of some critter, silence, then "hoo hoo". Proud of his deed I guess.


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