Adultlike Wonder

Monday, February 28, 2011
When we're growing up, we're kind of told to enjoy it while it lasts. Pretty soon we all turn into big, bad adults and we drop the rosy-colored glasses. We cease to get excited about the little things, like getting to have a whole can of pop or finding exactly what we wanted under the Christmas time. We start to realize those creepy gray statues on the sidewalks are just street performers pandering for spare change. After a while, all that childlike wonder just sort of fades away. (To be fair, I still find the body paint coated street performers jaw dropping. Why would you do that to yourself?!)

But I think there's adultlike wonder too.

How else do you explain the sheer glee and excitement Andy and I experienced when we found this beauty waiting for us on the porch Wednesday?
Yep, a vacuum. 

(Okay, maybe there are some kids out there who get excited about vacuums, but I most definitely was not one of them.)

We ripped into the box and started pulling out attachments. "A pet brush," I squealed before I remembered we don't have any pets. Andy held up the carpet attachment, awe in his eyes. Setting down the carpet attachment, he preceded to brandish about the hardwood floor attachment.

After a few minutes of getting a bag in the vacuum and the hoses and all attached, Andy fired up the little vacuum. As the slightly beetle-esque appearing vacuum whirred into life, we smiled at each other.

So quiet. Such smooth action. And oh, the suction. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

What with hauling fire wood into the cabin nearly every day during the winter months, there always seems to be a layer of crud on our floor. That layer of crud translates into a fine layer of dust on everything else. But no more. Just maybe, the vacuum means a clean cabin could become a reality instead of a goal.

Is it bad to get borderline ecstatic about a vacuum?

"Nah," a friend told me. "We adults get excited about new appliances and car washes. We're simple folks."

Come to think of it, I do feel downright giddy when all the dishes are washed and there's nothing molding in the fridge.


  1. Love this lol! And I agree -- I may not get all that excited about Christmas morning anymore, but give me some new notebooks or a Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer and I would be ecstatic.

  2. The things that make us giddy as adults are definitely different from what made our hearts leap when we were young! lol Congrats on the new vacumn, I would do a happy dance for a new one! lol

  3. Nothing like a clean house to make you feel good. Simple pleasures.

  4. I get really excited about adult things like stationery. And vegetables. I actually really like vaccuuming, I think it's fun!

  5. Amen!! Aaaaaah. clean. I too would get excited if I could ever get a vacuum that really sucked rather than a vacuum that sucks, know what I mean? We haul wood every day too and the fine sooty dust deposits wreak havoc with my allergies. Always something. Have fun cleaning!!

  6. Oh how much I would love such a cute little sucker!!!!! I got my Neanderthal with a vacuum from the begin of time. SIGH
    Oh yes, the crud of the lovely lovely fires in the eve - can relate here too

  7. I've SO been there. The minute I became a mom my christmas list changed from shoes to vacuums and I couldn't be happier!


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