The Day I Thought Would Never Come

Monday, March 21, 2011
Spring has sprung!

Must be spring

If the mud splatters on the back of my pants are any indication, it must be spring. Spring around these parts means mud (a lot of it!) and although the snow banks are still being measured feet rather than inches, the road to the cabin is quickly turning into a mucky quagmire. So much for the romantic allure of dirt roads . . .

Beside, the world slowly turning slushy and mushy and mucky, there are plenty of other spring "indicators" around the cabin. It's mating season for red squirrels and let me tell you, if you thought squirrels were obnoxious to begin with, let me assure you that the everyday squirrel has nothing on the sex-craved squirrels. To make matters worse, we're getting to the bottom of our sunflower seed supply and the squirrels are getting rather desperate about their dwindling "free lunch" option. We're witnessed several (sunflower seed) bar brawls in the last couple days. Real nice . . .

Getting ready to brawl
I finally got around to placing our summer seed order last Saturday night. Although we can't safely plant outside until around Memorial Day, plants like peppers, tomatoes, and flowers can get started indoors in early April. In no time at all (okay, maybe like four months), the porch with host scenes like these:

Andy's been hot to trot for the two of us to head out a canoe trip and somehow on Saturday he convinced me that it would be really great if we went on a weeklong canoe trip the second week of May. (I must have been dehydrated, hungry, or otherwise gullible.)  Because who does like sleeping on rocks in 42 degree drizzly weather? I'm consoling myself by deciding a spring (brrrr!) canoe trip is the perfect opportunity to by those adorable Wellingtons I've always wanted.

If those don't say "spring" I don't know what does. Andy says they're not practical. However, we proved long ago that never the twain shall meet when it comes Andy and my opinions on what constitute an awesome boot

Happy Spring all! What does spring bring in your parts?


  1. They're so cute! I need to get a pair! Not practical?! You can practically do anything wearing them ;)

  2. Oh, I think such a Spring canoe trip would be just wonderful....I however imagined always one down in Florida - Blue Calusa waterway....Ha, we are all crazy about our seeds and seedlings! Just posted about them. I am not the type of Wellington I do think however this pair is quite cute and very dotted!
    Spring is wonderful in Virginia!
    Paula xxx
    Love is a Journey

  3. Yay for Spring!!!!! We've had strange weather in LA this week (rain and sun, sun and rain--- which may be spring for most parts, it isn't for us!), but despite all that I am still super excited about spring!!! For me I am all about changing out the wardrobe and spending time outdoors.

  4. Spring here means mud, wearing only a winter coat and not a winter coat plus a hoodie plus a long sleeve sweater, more mud, rain and the smell of whatever dead stuff is under the melting snow.

    Oh and seagulls. Lots and lots of seagulls.

  5. Spring here in New Jersey means wind and cold, apparently. I was hoping it would be much warmer, but we had snow flurries this week. I miss California.

  6. I am so, so ready for spring, thanks for sharing what it looks like where you live!

  7. Yummm Those peppers look great! Spring for me means gardening!

  8. I want those boots!

    Happy spring!

  9. I feel so bad for northerers still experiencing snow and cold temps. It's nearly summer here. My girls played in the sprinkler yesterday. But those boots are super cute!


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