Me and My Nose

Monday, April 11, 2011
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For long as I can remember, my nose and I have not been on good terms. The other day, when I was taking pictures of myself for my sweater post, I was reminded yet again of what a large nose I have.

My inheritance of a very Irish "whiskey nose" was probably inevitable. (Thanks Grampa.) And while I'm perfectly capable of acknowledging my face's less-obvious, yet more attractive facial features, it's always been my slightly crooked nose that, well, sticks out to me. Since my earliest days, I've longed to just shave off a bit of the excess off the front of my nose. You can imagine my depression when I learned noses and ears are the two body features that continue to grow during your entire life.

Over the years I’ve learned that some angles are more flattering than others
I haven't exactly kept my discontent with my proboscis to myself.

“Would you really get a nose job if you could?” my mother asked when I was a teenager.

"Of course," I would, in that wonderful, self-assured teenage way that I haven't been able to find again since I turned 20.

Now, given my priorities if I suddenly "hit it rich", a nose job is not exactly in my Top 10 must-have spending sprees. Or my top 100. Or top anything. Heidi Montag Spencer of "The Hills" fame has been a pretty powerful example to all girls my age for why our bodies are absolutely wonderful the way it is. Thanks Heidi!

Now my nose is a joke. Especially since I discovered its amazing talent once I reached drinking age. Turns out when I have a drink (wine in particular), my nose turns bright red, the blush slowly seeping out across my cheekbones. I’m like the Pinocchio of Sobriety.

We spend so much time feeling jealous, insecure, uncertain about pretty much everything. We worry about our bodies, our careers, our life decisions. My nose is the least of my worries. I have bigger fish to fry. I'd rather focus that energy on something I actually can change and improve.

Still, every once in while I catch a sideview of my face in the mirror and think to my nose "whoa, you're still here, aren't you?" After all, that nose of mine isn't going anywhere. In fact, it’s probably growing a little bigger every day.


  1. I have to say that when I read your sweater post and looked at your photograph, my first thought was that you looked very pretty. Not once did I think, Jeez..that Ada sure has a big honker!
    All kidding aside, this is a terrific reminder that there are far more important aspects of ourselves that can be improved. I look at those photos of Heidi and she was so attractive before she turned plastic. There is clearly a deeper issue there.

  2. My first thought was gorgeous sweater, great color. It took me a while to get the point! Like No 7 said a great reminder of what is truly important in our lives. Ada, you are very pretty.
    P.S. I have a rather long nose which I actually have come to like. Well it took me roughly 40 years..... Paula

  3. "I’m like the Pinocchio of Sobriety." Hah!

    I've also had a hate/hate relationship with my nose (The nostrils in particular. Mostly my right one.) for most of my life but like you have, thankfully, come to accept that there is so much that's more important than having a nose that magazines rave about. Even if it would be kinda nice ;)

  4. As others have commented when I saw your picture I saw an attractive girl, didn't even think about your nose. Isn't it funny how we each obsesse on some part of us that we are conviced the whole world notices. I spent so many years wishing one thing or the other was different. Now, I like what I see, my so called imprefections are what make me beautiful in my way. You are very wise not to get too caught up in someone elses ideal. I always enjoy your posts! Thank you.

  5. I was definitely self conscious about my nose when I was in junior high/ high school. As I got older (college, beyond) I truly have embraced my unique facial features and see myself as beautiful now. Sounds like you're there too! Also, I agree about Heidi- hopefully her face/body can eventually go back a little bit to the way they were, she was adorable but when it comes down to it, without self-esteem you probably will never see yourself as beautiful.
    Happy Monday!

  6. Party tricks with body parts are the best ;)

    But in all seriousness-- I really don't think you have a large nose!!!!! However, I think everyone has parts of their body they'd like to alter....

  7. i know EXACTLY what you mean! i inherited my father's stately honker, which looks great on a dude, but looks more like a beak on me (especially from the side). if i woke up one morning and it wasn't quite as angular? awesome. but spending money and hours of my life in pain for a different schnoz? no, thanks. totally not worth it!

  8. I've always been self-conscious about my nose. I had surgery on it twice before I got to school-age and if you look at my profile, the tip of my nose is completely a beak. Freaks me out.

    BUT I'd much rather keep this one (that I don't think most people even notice I have a scar and my husband loves my nose)...than go through an expensive surgery that won't guarantee that I'll like it any more.


    Congrats on your feature on FTLOB

  9. i LOVED this post! LOVE it! you are so right... there are things in our lives we can work on and change but we do tend to sometimes "obsess" over those uniquenesses about us that are pretty permanent. (at least without an entire truckload of cash)...

  10. We all love and hate something about ourselves. I think the thing I hear most often is the "I hate my nose" one. I struggled with accepting my nose for a long time... long story about it but short version is I had a particular someone in my life who ridiculed my nose which made the whole issue worse. But thankfully, it is no longer an issue. (the nose or the someone)
    If you will accept this in truth, I would like to say that I truly believe your nose is very lovely. Really, I would not say it is too big. It's just right. God's good that way!

  11. I have that Irish whiskey nose, too! It matches my paleness and splotchy skin well :) Great post. I think you've made so fabulous points here, and I agree wholeheartedly. Funny, it's always so easy to see the beauty in others and yet so hard to find it in ourselves.

  12. this is an interesting post. it's my first visit here and I think I like what you wrote on your blog.
    You know, in my country where I live nose like your consider as beautiful nose ha coz it makes you look much much beautiful and attractive!
    I have british bf and his nose is one of the reason I dating him hihihi hope I dont sound shallow - am so embarasse to admit it here YAY

  13. First visit to your blog and I like what I see, I'll be back for more =)


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