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Thursday, April 14, 2011
Mama’s Losin’ It

It's a common stereotype that all girls are awfully fond of their shoes and purses. I haven't exactly risen above shoe stereotype. But purses? I don't need no stinkin' purses.

Sure there are some cute bags out there, but while shoe departments have some magnetic pull on me, more often than not, I can pass by the purse department without a second thought. I'd like to think my purse apathy means I'm not materialistic, but considering the fact that I can always find a spare $20 to drop on a pair of shoes regardless of said-shoes practicality or lack there of, I'm not really sure this is the case.

Nevertheless, my purse is just a bag that as all my sh, stuff in it.

I've been lugging around the same purse, a birthday present from a dear friend, for years now for my everyday purse purposes. It's made out of some weird plastic-y material (maybe recycled plastic bags?) and sadly, the handles are starting to fray. Guess I'll be forced to go purse shopping one of these days.   

One peep in my purse and it becomes pretty clear that I don't like to be unprepared.

On a typical day, my purse contains: 

1. Wallet

2. Grocery List: I'd love to be spontaneous, but usually that just results in me buying random things that "look good" and us not having enough food to actually last the week.

3. Cat Pin: I actually have a cat pin collection. This guy went through the washer and came out without its pin back. Bummer. I didn't realize I'd throw him in here.

4. Cell phone: Since this only works when I'm in town, this is always in my purse. Usually turned off.

5. Cell phone charger: However, sometimes I forget to turn off my phone when I'm at the cabin. Which results in one dead battery when I actually need to use my phone. 

6. Jumble of keys: What are these? Do I even use any of these? Hmmm . . .

7. Granola bar: I have no idea how old this is. But I'd hate to have to go hungry.

8. Chica bag: Great idea, usually forget I have this. Man, I could have used this the last time I went to the Co-op and thought I'd forgotten all my reusable grocery bags .

9. A purse hanger: Another thing I forget I have, but I love using it when I do remember it. It's actually really sturdy and keep my purse off the floor and out of harm's way when I'm in a restaurant. 

10.Tampons: My obsessive need to always have personal hygiene products probably hearkens back to my teenage years when that time of the month came at whatever time of the month it pleased. My body doesn't "surprise attack" me very often these days, but tampons can be pretty handy for other reasons. Take for incidence the time my friend spill diet pop all over a train's table in the booth we were sitting in. No one had a Kleenex or anything else to mop up the mess, so voila: tampon to the rescue. After all, they're very absorbent .  . .
11. Mini multi-tool: I never use this. Andy thought I might need it sometime. I suppose I might.

Usually my camera's in my purse too, just in case I happen upon something interesting. 

What's in your purse? Why? 


  1. I can relate to no. 10. Nothing will happen as long as I have a tampon with me but woe I forget it. It's similar to stocking up on tampons if you don't want to get pregnant.

  2. I have a variety of rotating random crap I keep in my purse - on top of which, I carry a tote bag to work and back and that has all kinds of stuff in it. I get made fun of A LOT - but I always tell them they'll be glad I have all that stuff if we get stranded on a desert island!

  3. I never charge my phone either. I always have personal hygeine products in my purse for the same reasons as you. Would you truly eat that old granola bar? I have a purse thing - sometime I want a bag big enough to carry EVERYTHING (notepad, first aid kit,...). Then, I realize it hurts me to do this. So, then I buy a tiny bag for the bare minimums (my travel bag). Then, I fall in love with a color (currently, a cross between turquoise and robin's egg blue).

  4. Where is the chapstick or lipgloss??

    That's the once constant in every purse I've carried (besides a wallet and car keys).

  5. I' with Nina I need the lipstick. I am also a purse person, shoes, not so much! My purse is a mess, but for the last few years has not had a diaper or sippy cup in it, which is nice! Diapers were very handy for the same things, but tampons are smaller, I will grant you that! Lol! Thanks for the fun post!

  6. For someone so prepared, how can you be apathetic to purses?!?!

    Lukus thinks I lose things in my purse and that it is just unnecessary and massive.... he thinks that until we are out running errands, he has a low blood sugar attack and I pull out the granola bar.....

    When its time to buy a new purse I expect an email.... I promise to help!

  7. I'm more of a pockets kind of gal. My purse usually has gum in it, though, and chapstick.

  8. Oh my gosh...since two of mine are still little, I don't carry a purse. Just the enormous diaper bag, and you DO NOT want to see what is in there. I would guess at lease 4 half eaten granola bars (out of their wrappers) and an entire box of cheerios, loose, mostly crushed. Yum!

  9. I don't know how long it would take me to write a post about all the stuff in my purse. All I know is once I became a Mom, my purse because my dipaer bag too (Hated carrying 2 bags) and my purse seems to be getting bigger and bigger and fuller and fuller. Just off the top of my head, I have a toy car, a sippy cup, and a juice box...I don't know why....

  10. I have my wallet with credit cards. Usually I don't carry money. I know...you should always have emergency cash. Lip gloss, kleenex, pen and checkbook. I'm boring!
    Great post!

    I'm a new follower from the hop!
    Hope you can hop by and visit me:


  11. The tampon story is hilarious!

  12. I've never seen any one use a purse hanger before.

    what is a cat pin?

  13. Ooh a purse hanger! Good idea!

  14. I want to say I don't need a purse, because all I need is in my wallet. But then you add the cell phone and lipstick and car keys and if you get out of the car and want to take those things with you... well... then a handbag comes in handy... I can't get into the HUGE purses that are so trendy right now. I want simple and cute. Still, I find myself magnetically pulled to the purse section of every (thrift) store I enter....

  15. Love your use for the tampons! I mean, aside from the obvious use of course...

    My purse usually has books, receipts, lip glosses, and keys. But the most important thing is definitely the books. You never know when you might get stranded and need something to read!

  16. LOL about the tampon story. That is hilarious. Me being European my purse is the wallet and the American purse is my handbag... I learned British English some time ago....

  17. I don't have a purse. I feel like I'm missing out.

    Seems pragmatic to always ahve tampons on hand.

  18. haha, i'm also not much of a purse person though i have won or two cute purses. My purse always has to have my wallet, a lipgloss and hairbrush. :p

  19. I am a purse junkie but then again, with my disability the shoes are out.

    In my purse at the moment... keys both mine and mom's, the handicap door opener for my building, passport, compact, tampons, notes for a recipe I made at mom's few days ago, the latest book I have to do for review, whatever was in the mailbox on Friday when I checked on my way out, bag of mixed nuts, mints, credit card, bank card, blockbuster membership card, bookstore club card, recite for blockbuster, the dvd that needs to be returned to blockbuster, cell phone, pen, stickie notes.

    And the why of it... that's my daily luggage at this moment in life. And this is after having cleaned out my purse last week.

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  21. Yeah I'm not a purse person either. I use one until it falls apart, then I find another $20 one at a discount store somewhere and use it until it falls apart. Lol. I'm not entirely sure I understand why some women spend hundreds of dollars on purses. It's just a bag to hold your stuff. And if you have more than one... you have to remember to move all of your stuff to a different bag every time you want to go somewhere. Too much hassle. ;)


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