Don't's into Do's

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
"You know," Andy said the other night as we driving down the road, "I can pretty accurately predict your future by paying attention to what you say you'll never do."

"What?!" I spluttered.

And then I thought about it. "I'll never move back to my hometown." Wait a minute . . . "I'll never live in the woods." Oh yeah. "I'll never drive a stick shift." Hmmm . . . 

That's right, as of Sunday afternoon, Andy and I are now the proud owners of Subaru Baja. (It might not be a looker, but I feel like my life could use some all wheel drive right about now.)

You might remember back when I penned my cryptic, "Catching an Edge" post in March. That's when the dear old Corolla and I had a bit of a wrestle with some black ice. The wrestle ended fine for me, but poorly for the Corolla. While I'd like to say we can easily survive as a one car household, the truth is that two months with just one car was plenty long enough.

So when our neighbors put their Subaru up for sale, the opportunity seems right for all involved parties. There's only one problem. I don't drive manuals.

When I really look at my life, I'm surprised by all the "don'ts." I find. I don't eat seafood. I don't drive stick shifts. I don't crochet. I don't, I don't, I don't.

Life is short. Too short for "don't"s.

So when you see me lurching off from a stop sign this summer, you'll know I'm busy turning my "don'ts" into "dos"


  1. That is a really great post. Life is too short for things you say you can not do. Life is better with more positivity.

  2. "Like." (Facebook junkie...can't help it....)

  3. Welcome to the Subaru club! I am sure you will enjoy it, if only for the cargo room.

  4. that car is a ... bold choice. but 1, i hope it's yellow so you can find it in the snow and 2, four wheel drive is a MUST where you live!

    what's next on your don't list?

  5. They aren't exactly attractive...but what works is what works right? Hey, the El Camino made a comeback recently didn't it? at least in my area all the kids were pimping them out and driving them around town like it was the best thing since sliced bread! lol!

    I don't have much room to talk though...the "beast" that we drive is as ugly as they come...but it is PAID FOR and frankly, I could care less what it looks like as long as I don't have a huge car payment right now!

  6. Whenever I start saying "I don't" my husband immediately makes it his mission to turn it into an "I do." So much so that I am at the point where I keep my "don'ts" to myself!!!!

    Good luck driving manual!!!! I don't do that!!!! :)

  7. lol, that's pretty hillarious. I was the "I'll never" mom. I'll never let my kid do this, that, or that...and I let her do all of those things. :)

  8. Good for you! I bet its a relief to have another vehicle again! The boyfriend and I only have one car, but he takes the bus and I walk to work and living in the city makes it a LOT easier I"m guessing :) Have fun learning!

  9. I've said things, in the past that i have had to recount... it's so easy, from the outside of a place, to picture it one way...

  10. Glad to know you're in a nice, safe car and that you allow yourself room for growth, change, and total changes of mind! I've also found, especially after having kids that "never say never" is pretty sage advice.


  11. You are right- life is too short glad to see you are changing to I do's. Let me know how driving a manual goes I am not sure I would have the patience for that.

  12. You made me smile with this post... I am going to be careful of what sort of 'don'ts' I mutter... and concentrate more on embracing the DO's of life. :)


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