Investing In Yourself

Friday, August 12, 2011
You might have noticed that over the last couple days, the markets have been a bit . . . volatile. To put it mildly.

As the person who did the big grown-up thing and put a chunk of her savings in Roth IRA at the beginning of the world, all this economic drama, drama makes me feel kind of like this:

I feel like I go over this all the time, but I'm constantly struggling to determine if the pennies I manage to squirrel away are better utilized by being tucked into long term savings or spent on an airline ticket. Security or experience? Experience or security? Hard to know which is really the truest investment in yourself.

If I opt for security, I  get a posh nursing home room with a great view. If I opt for experience, I get to be the kookie lady who pulls her great-nieces and nephews to her and croaks, "Did I ever tell you about the time I met Prince William." (Obviously, in my old age, I'll be a bit demented.)

We've reached that point in the summer where anywhere, anything sounds better than blah, blah everyday I currently exist in. During last week's hot snap, I took to checking the forecast for London (England). Highs in the 60s! I almost cried!

Then the bimonthly newsletter from the London Ritz Hotel showed up in my inbox. I've received the newsletter since having tea at the Ritz 3+ years back and I've never bothered to unsubscribe. I enjoy a bimonthly dose of unattainable luxury.  And as I read through the Ritz's newly announced tea menu, it was all I could do not to get over to and start searching for the most affordable flight.

(Granted after this week's senseless rioting in the U.K., London kind of slipped down on my list of dream destinations, at least until they've all settled down. . . . maybe time for Australia. It's winter there right now, right?)

In an ideal world, we're able to invest in ourselves fully: to opt for both experience and security. But in a crap economy, with a schizophrenic Wall Street to contend with, it's easier said than done.


  1. This thing with Roth I havent fully understood yet. However since I was so hooked on diversifying my money I became to know Lehman Brothers better than I wanted it. Now my surname is poor church mouse.
    And yes no one should need to choose between safety and life experience. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Maybe those pic take your mind off for a bit:

    I participate at a photographersblog and maybe some eyecandy sooths the soul!

  3. That picture you posted reminds me of my life in the corporate world. My hubs and I invested in ourselves and were enjoying a beautiful trip in Italy when the markets crashed...namely AIG...the company I was WORKING FOR! It was terrifying, I pulled my 401k as fast as I could. I vote for investing in yourself, everyone needs a kookie aunt :)

  4. so which one do you choose, in the end? is it possible to balance them? if you figure it out, let me know haha

  5. I am so struggling with this right now. Do I continue to stay tied to my foundation and building it up. Or do I free myself from the attachments that weigh me down, and keep me stationary? Ugh! To balance it, yes, easier said than done. Who will take care of the homestead while I'm off gaining experience? Where will I return when I need to rest? Is it really the economy that's the problem or my idea that I should be able to have it all, in the first place, that contributed to the problems with the economy? I have to rethink my perspective!

  6. On my list of "Things To Buy With New Paychecks", saving up for a trip is on there. Preferably back to Ireland. Feel like going back with me?

  7. this is so true... i see those people who only travel and adventure. To them even a regular job saddles them in a way they don't desire.

    they make me a bit jealous.

  8. Wait, are you telling me you haven't actually met Prince William? Huh...

    I have officially entered that awful and childish frame of mind where I turn my hearing off at the mention of Wall Street and/or the economy. Unfortunately, Dave is an attorney who oversees mutual fund administration so our work-related chats have a bit one-sided these days.

    Let's meet down under.


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