Friday, January 6, 2012
There are certain signs that your knitting "hobby" has morphed into something slightly uncontrollable.

For example, just last night, Andy and I sat down to watch The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I'd heard good things about the film adaptation and I loved, loved the book as a kid, so I was looking forward to it. But almost as soon as the film began, it became clear that film was trying too hard. It just didn't match the cozy, funny, and slightly dark children's book I remembered reading over and over again. I could have considered the movie a bust, but there was some take away value in the film: Mrs. Fox had some great sweaters in that film. And yes, I do realize I'm talking about the wardrobe of a puppet right now.

Keeping an eye out for knitwear can really get you through some dogs of films. Honestly, if the makers of the Lifetime biopic of Coco Chanel hadn't dressed their leading lady in such a beautiful sweater throughout various scenes, I doubt I would have made it through the whole thing. (I mean, Shirley Maclaine as Coco Chanel? Please . . . .) But the sweater is gorgeous. So gorgeous that I stalked the internet for stills of it so I could fashion a pattern after it.

I went to Sherlock Holmes: the Game of Shadows over the holidays. Like any Guy Ritchie film, I spent most of the film wondering what the heck was going and why everyone was beating each other up all the time. By the time I left the theatre though, I had an idea that maybe I could make a sweater or vest with cables based off of the motifs in the Oriental rugs showcased in the interior decor throughout the film. 

I'd feel a little self-conscious about this, but I know for a fact that Maggi over at Just Add Glitter and Stir does that exact same thing. Whatever floats your boat, eh?   
What are unusual things you notice in movies?


  1. I always notice little editing mistakes. Like the person had glasses on but in the next frame they didn't. Maybe not that obvious but for some reason I seem to spot them.

  2. Love this! Love the way you wrote about it too. Had me smiling the whole time, and yes, I agree those are beautiful sweaters! Wish I could knit like that. I can knit and purl and end drop and add, butI can only knit scarves because I have no idea what the stuff on those patterns means. Someday I'll take a class.

  3. haha- to be honest I usually "miss" a lot during films, because I am ALWAYS doing something else at the same time- blogging/ knitting/ crafts/ reading a magazine. Its an attention problem I seem to have. You should show some of your knitting projects on your blog!

  4. Ha! Great post. Sadly, many movies are just this bad...that you have to notice things like great sweaters and rugs. I usually notice mistakes in films, sadly enough. Things like continuity. Or bad hair. Bad hair really distracts me from the movie. Like the little boy's hair in About a Boy. Now that's a great movie, but that child's hair...ugh.

  5. First: THANK YOU for loving FMrF the book and not liking the movie. I think I shocked Jay in my outrage at the liberties taken with an excellent story.

    I think I'm very much a storyteller with movies; I generally am a bad movie date because once I start guessing the plot I can't keep it to myself (well, I've learned to). In a very few (wonderful) movies, I notice the physicality of the actors--a great example is the new Alice in Wonderland. Anne Hathaway especially has a wonderful physicality.


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