Life Without Television

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
I feel like I talk a big talk about the fact that we don't have a television. I feel like I've lead people to believe that we lack a t.v. because we prefer more intellectual entertainment such as listening to NPR or sipping boxed  fine wine and having compelling discussions about foreign politics over dinner. Perhaps I've lead you to believe that our nightly entertainment is annotating the margins of literary classics.

And I wouldn't be lying if I told you that MPR is on at least once every single day in the cabin or that I've spent the last three nights cuddled up on the couch reading an increasingly tattered copy of Anne of Avonlea.

But here are some truth facts about the whole "sans tv" situation.
  • We don't have room for a tv.
  • I don't want to pay the bills the service
  • I prefer to get my TLC and Bravo fix in short but intense doses when visiting others.
And remember that Netflix account?

Yep, this weekend Andy totally upped our Netflix account so we can have three DVDs at a time.

Can we claim superiority over all t.v. owners out there? I think not.


  1. We went without cable and all that for a long while, we figured we didn't need it with Netflix! lol

  2. I might die without my t.v. :)

    Tagged you on my blog too!

  3. I hardly ever watch TV. Have you ever heard of fetflix? Give it a try, it tells you how to optimize your netflix account! LOL.

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  6. new follower of your blog
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  7. haha we DO talk about foreign policy and classics over dinner...


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