The Winter That Wasn't

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
It might look like winter outside, but don't be fooled. This morning I woke up to a 71 degree inside temperature and a 32 degree outside temperature. Absurdity!

About this time last year, we were bundling up through -30 degree temperatures. That's a 60 degree difference between then and now!

Last year, it was perfectly normal for me to bring sled loads of firewood into the house each afternoon. This year, I bring in 1-2 loads that I can carry in my arms in each day. If this weather keeps up, we'll have enough firewood left out back to get us through the next two winters. (Heck, I'd be okay with that!)

I've been around long enough to have experienced the unseasonable weather cycles that El Nino and La Nina have thrown at us before. I remember walking the dog in a jean jacket (does that date me?) one January during my high school years. I remember the next winter delivered bone chilling temperatures. This ebb and flow of "real winter" and "fake winter" has become normal in recent years. Global warming? I'm tempted to lean that way, but I don't claim to really know what's prompting the swing in winters. 

I may fully acknowledge the "normalcy" of this "unseasonable-nsh", but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

This "half" winter is wearing, almost more wearing than a "real" winter. During a "real" winter, you can bundle up stoically and act all tough and hardy. But a "half" winter holds out the optimistic promise of spring just out of reach, until we start to feel like Pavlov's dogs. 

Because it's just winter enough to be a total pain in the arse. The days are growing longer, but it's still dark the majority of the time. With my winter driving paranoia, it still takes me nearly two hours to get to town.(I wish I was kidding. Anyone who's ever gotten stuck behind me on this slow moving journey wishes I was kidding too.) Normally, a string of 32 degree days means a big melt up ahead (spring! flowers! migration!) but in "half" winter, a string of 32 degree days is just par for the course. It just a God damned play on your emotions and hopes, that's what. 

And I know the local businesses are lucky to have the snow that we have. As one of the few places in the state country with snow, it should be a decent winter season. This is a good thing. The little snow makes it easy to move the woods and we should have some downright balmy ice fishing adventures if this warm weather keeps up. More good things.

Still, me and my seasonal affective disorder can't help hoping that this "half" winter gives way to "full" spring in the blink of an eye.


  1. We've had a pretty warm-ish Winter too. I always hate when we don't get a lot of cold days since that usually means we'll get one week of Spring before Summer hits. lol

  2. I hear you. I am so ready for Spring!

  3. Today there was a tiny little snow flurry for about 20 minutes. It had melted by lunchtime and the locals were back to bitching about how there hasn't been snow. Being from the coast originally, one little pretty flurry is enough to last me until next year.

  4. It was in the fifties here today, and still no snow that has lasted. Unbelievable! This is a Minnesota I could stay on board with... (as though I'm not a total lifer haha)

  5. sending my sympathies. I think it's also hard to bundle up and just stay indoors when it's nice out--I realized I was acting like it was September and had to spend every sunny moment outside even though it was December. That's very taxing when you're used to a certain ebb and flow of activity and social time.


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