The Book of Mormon and Floo Powder

Friday, February 17, 2012
Sometimes, I admit, I'm ready to throw my hands up in the air and give up on modern society.

I mean, the fact that the nation has spent a good portion of the last few weeks bickering over birth control? Unbelievable. What is this, the 1950s?

Speaking of the 1950s, remember how people used to think, come year 2000, we'd all be zooming around in our personal spaceships? Ah yes, yet another bitter disappointment in the modern world is that this has yet to come to fruition:

Honestly, I don't even want my own spaceship to buzz around in. I'd be happy as a clam if we could just figure out teleportation.

If possible, I'd like to avoid teleportation in the stereotypical Star Trek fashion. It kind of looks like I'd have to install something to make that work and there just isn't enough room in cabin for a teleportation device and all the camping gear. How about some floo powder, ala Harry Potter, I mean, we already have the wood stove and all already. . .

How perfect to just take a pinch of floo powder, throw it into the fire, clearly shout out the name of my destination and disappear up the chimney pipe like poof of smoke. Imagine the possibilities.

I can has  floo powder?

Why this sudden obsession with teleportation?  It's hardly the first time I've pondered how much simpler and more convenient life would be if I could get places in a heartbeat. Just dissolving that six hour journey to the Twin Cities would be a great start. Heck, getting rid of the hour long trip into town would be something too.

I've read enough fantasy novels to know something like floo powder isn't without its limitations. I promise I'll use my floo powder sparingly and practice due diligence. I know having the capability to go anywhere (at least anywhere with fireplace) doesn't mean that I get to do some globe trotting whenever I get the travel bug.

Of course, if used sparingly, I think a bit of floo powder is totally called for in certain circumstances, say, when you find out that The Book of Mormon isn't coming to Minneapolis until February 2013. (What is up with that Broadway in America?!)

Wait a whole long year to see The Book of Mormon? Ah, what I wouldn't do to be on Broadway tonight.

Where's the floo powder?



  1. we just watched HP & Chamber of Secrets last night... i would kill for some floo powder, but david mumbles too much. a leg would end up in timbuktu.


  2. This post made me giggle!!!!! I want FLOO!!!

  3. Floo powder is a good alternative to teleportation. Although, I'd have to get a fireplace. LOL

  4. Hi, Good news!! I am stopping by from the Beauty Brite Hop, hope you would be able to visit and follow as well...Have an awesome weekend! Karren

    Oh My Heartsie

  5. My most requested super power is always teleportation so if by chance you have any extra floo powder, pass it my way :)

  6. Oh the possibilities! Oh the places I would go! Can we also figure out time travel while we're pondering teleportation?

  7. I liked the old Bewitched version, just wiggle my nose and be someplace else, or like in I Dream of Jeannie with the head bob. Nothing to sprinkle so I don't have to vacuum when I am done. :)

  8. Very nice blog! I'm a new follower =)

    Sandie lee

  9. My primary reason for loving the Jetsons was that I wanted the "conveyer belt" thing they had... and I guess airports and public transit stations have these now, so my version of the future is here. Teleportation would be pretty dope too though .


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