Snow and the Oscars

Monday, February 27, 2012
Snow and the Oscars will be forever linked in my mind.

In northern Minnesota, a massive dumping of snow over the final weekend of February seems as sure as the Academy Awards Ceremony. Yesterday was no exception to the rule. The entire day passed in that snowstorm half light which holds time in place until darkness falls.

It wasn't a huge dropping of snow - just 5 -8 inches of accumulation predicted. But with the way everyone in the Northland's talking, you'd think we were getting 2 feet of snow, and really, such amount isn't unheard of for the traditional end of February snowstorm. How excitable we are about any measly bit of snow demonstrates just what a wimpy winter it's been.

Oscar Night marks the one snowstorm a year I'll voluntarily venture out into. One year, as a friend and I drove to an Oscar gathering, the several inches of snow on top of her car all slide down onto the windshield as we headed down a hill. The windshield wipers, which had been valiantly working to keep up with the falling snow, were paralyzed under this sudden dumping of snow. We stopped the car, hopped out, and swept off the windshield while fresh snow gathered on our hats and shoulders. It's amazing what hale and hearty Minnesotan girls will do for a dose of glamor.

Another time, I fishtailed my way over to an Oscar party in my Toyota Corolla, then slipped and slid most of the way down an extremely steep hill on my way back home to my college apartment at the party's conclusion. Under normal circumstances, I would curse and berate myself for going out in such weather, but on Oscar night, I go with the flow . . .and the snow.   

Just last year, it took me two attempts to get my car up and over the curving steep hill in our road to get myself over to the neighbors'  where they were streaming Oscars coverage. The snowfall outside interrupted the satellite feed that night and we never did see any of the actual ceremony. Turns out the "Academy Awards Backstage Pass" really does just show you the backstage of the Kodak Theatre and we had to use some careful deductive work to figure out what award had just been presented and who had won.

Don't get me wrong; I don't care much about the Oscars. This year, like most years, I'd watched a total of none of the best picture nominees. But don't mistake not caring about the Oscars for not liking the Oscars. Because I love the frivolity of the whole thing:  pretty dresses, cheesy film montages, pomp and circumstance.

Between the Oscars and the upcoming high school boys hockey tournament, this is about the only two week period of the entire year when I wish we had a television. But last night, I missed the Oscars. Instead, I watched the snow slowly accumulate outside, while I dreamed of Hollywood, red carpets, and glamor.

At least I got half of the deal.



  1. I haven't seen any of the nominated movies either. lol I still watch the awards even though the Academy rarely nominates a movie that I actually am interested in. lol Last night I probably would have prefer watching snow instead of the show. :D

  2. I "watched" the Oscars via my twitter feed last night :) Then enjoyed some post Oscar photos today. Totally enough for me!

  3. haha- all of the good parts are in photos online afterwards these days :)

  4. This was a fun post to read. I would not have imagined you venturing out in the extreme weather just to watch a t.v. show. But I understand. Me? I try to avoid those awards shows as much as possible!

  5. I had a friend visiting over the Oscars from Atlanta. At the time, I had assumed that everyone made a big deal out of the show. But my friend quickly informed me that we make a much bigger deal out of it in LA. But I guess that makes sense!

    There may be some snow in my future- and I am excited!


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