Spring is on its way! I swear . . .

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I know in about a month's time, I'll be penning a post in which I wonder where the @%!#?* spring is already, but for the time being I'm optimistic that spring is right around the corner. Never mind that today started out at 45 degrees, but now it's just above freezing and snowing.  Spring is coming, gosh dang it! Here's my proof: 

Yesterday, I watched the local fishing guide bring one of his ice houses off the lake. I'm always a little shocked to look up from the computer and spy a snowmobile tugging what essentially looks like a big box across the ice. The DNR says ice houses have to be in a couple weeks before the lake trout season actually ends on March 31st and considering that the lakes have turned into a big ol' slush pile after the snow at the end of February, it's probably wise to get those ice houses in early. 

Another sign of spring is that this Sunday, I finished up my big winter craft project. In the last few winters, I've had a large knitting project to see me through the dark winter evenings, but this year I decided to devoted my energies to finishing up an embroidery project I started back before Christmas 2010.

Andy's step-grandmother (step-grandmother sounds odd and formal, considering it's the second marriage of a widow and widower - we usually just call her by her first name) gave me some of her embroidery kits a while back. They'd come from Harrod's in London, which I found kind of exciting because I love me some Harrod's.

The tablecloth is only about 36"x36", but it sure took me a long time. It'd been years since I'd embroidered when I first picked up the project and I found the loose weave fabric putzy and slightly frustrating to embroider on. As a result, the tablecloth got put aside many times in favor of other speedier projects. For a while, the only time this project saw any attention was at crafting weekends. Finally this winter, with no important knitting project queue and a limited yarn budget, I realized it was time to just finish up the tablecloth. I'm glad I did; I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

In other "spring-y" news, we didn't get chickens, but eggs are starting to show up everywhere. Must be getting to be Easter time!
Our recent warm weather reminded me that I'll be starting the first of the seeds at the end of this month. I know a lot of you are already starting your seedlings, but seedlings up here don't get planted outside until the final weekend of May when, hopefully, we won't have to worry about frost until, you know, September.  At the local hardware store this morning, I picked up some seeds. I didn't need too many, since I'll be using a lot of the seeds left over from last year. I do still need to order my tomato and jalapeno seeds, but I was glad to buy local and am really excited about growing some winter squash this year!  (Margot, do you spy your coaster making a cameo in the picture?)

Is spring coming where you are? What are sure signs that spring is on its way in your neck of the woods? Has anyone started their seeds yet? Any big winter projects getting finished up?



  1. The tablecloth is gorgeous! I will miss seeing it at crafting ;)

    Spring is here in Illinois in the form of gale force winds and temperatures that vary up to 20 degrees from one day to the next. Also, I bought Cadbury eggs so it *must* be spring..

  2. Oh, your cross stitch is beautiful! I love the chocolate signs of Spring showing up!

    Happy seeing beautiful!
    Lydia @ See Beautiful

  3. Oh, the table cloth is gorgeous! It reminds me of the linens so lovingly handed down to me by my Great Grannie. <3 I cross stitch, but have never attempted embroidery!

  4. the table cloth..wow..simply beautiful!
    I bought my seeds this weekend..and saw buds on the trees today..
    we are all ready for spring here!

  5. I say its spring because its above 60 for over half the days in the 10 day forecast! hollah!

  6. A week ago, we had a foot of snow. Yesterday it was 55 here in Maine and it was 88 in the hoop house! That's a sure sign that Spring is near. On Sunday, (in the hoop house) I planted a row of spinach, radishes, carrots and lettuce. In the house, I started trays of onions, cabbage, and herbs. We still have some cool days ahead, but we are definitely on the flip side of winter. Hang in there, the snow will melt fast.

  7. The rhododendron trees are in bloom--bit fat scarlet blossoms that you can only spot when they fall to the ground or if you look out down a hillside and can see the tops of the trees.

  8. Beautiful work on the tablecloth. It will be a wonderful heirloom to pass on some day! It is feeling very spring-like lately. I have had enough of our very late snow! I am ready for Spring!

  9. Yes! Spring is on its way and we are absolutely giddy. We're adding a second garden this year and can't wait to start planting outdoors.

  10. that is such a lovely tablecloth! my grandmother was an embroiderer, and i love how intricate it can be.

  11. Do I ever see my coaster - well your coaster, lol. I'm glad you are enjoying them! I'm so excited to plant my seeds, but I have to wait also, I think our garden timing is about the same as yours. We don't generally plant our gardens until the long weekend here (last week of May). I'm headed to a seed swap this Sunday and excited to get my hands on some local/heirloom seeds!

    Your embroidery is beautiful! I want to do more of it, but I think I'm going to start small and embellish some things :)

  12. What beautiful embroidery work! Spring keeps peeking out around here, then it hides again. lol

  13. I'm wildly impressed at your tablecloth. It's lovely! I always think of doing projects like that but never do. Well done you!

    Visiting from Not a Mommy blog hop


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