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Wednesday, April 25, 2012
As per usual, the knitting needles have been click-clacking away at Of Woods and Words. Here's the latest creations, fresh out of washing machine - felted clogs!

This pattern was super popular about ten years ago (okay, so I'm not a trendsetter) and I'm happy to finally have my own pair of handmade felted slippers. I didn't take any "before" pictures because the pre-felted slippers were truly hideous - imagine a loosely knitted size 22 slipper. But thanks to the magic of felting, these transformed into adorable little clogs after three trips through a front loading machine, using hot and cold water and a normal spin cycle. The bright amethyst color I used for the upper part does give these slippers a somewhat Muppet-ish feel, but whose life isn't enhanced by the Muppets, I say. ;)

One slipper is slightly bigger than the other (which wasn't the case before they were felted), so that slipper may be getting a bonus trip through the machine. Since the soles are made out of two layers of knitted wool, I'll be putting some puff paint traction on the bottom of the slippers soon so I don't go careening around on the cabin's wooden floors. 

And I spent last week's road trip whipping up this stack of knitted goods:

What are they, you ask? 
It's an owl - I still need to add sequin or bead eyes
Coffee cozies!

I know, I know, you'd think I would have managed to have made more than 8 of these little guys over the course of 6 days and 1600 miles on the road. But, because I was working sans pattern, there was a whole lot of frogging going on.as I figured out the proper gauge and designs for the cozies. ( Btw, "frogging" is knitter colloquial for tearing out work -  named for the noise made when you tear out a piece of knitting: "rip it, rip it.")

Is there an Etsy shop in my future? The verdict's still out, although it would be nice to bring in supplemental income with my knitting  This batch of coffee cozies will most likely be donated to the museum where  I work, because it's beneficial to both of us: 1) It's a safe place for me to test out the product and designs 2) It generates expense-free income for the museum. I'll keep you posted on any developments!

What have you been crafting lately?



  1. I love knitting, but since they kids are still very small, i have not done that for almost a year now.. Probably i will get back on it soon..
    Thanks for sharing some of your crafty works.

  2. I love those slippers! My favorite color. I don't knit or anything like that but I have a good friend who does. She makes all kinds of things. So much nicer than store bought. Maybe you should have a etsy shop!

  3. Yay, they are super cool!! I'd love a pair of those!

  4. I love your cup cozies...I'd buy one if you had an Etsy shop :) Keep on knitting, you're very talented!


  5. I just started knitting - this gives me hope that one day I'll finish a scarf & start something else! ;) Found you from Wayback Wednesday at Mommy time out :)

  6. Your slippers and cozies are darling! I think I see and Etsy shop in your future for sure!

  7. haha- i had no idea that was called frogging- I hate when I have to back up when I'm knitting!

  8. Sometimes I long for the solitude you seem to have here-- I may just dwell in your blog forever, it's beautiful.

    Following ya from Follow Me Wed. I'd love it if you'd visit me at localsugarhawaii.com and come "join the ride". We're a new little blog, but we're a good little blog.

  9. You are just so darned talented! The clogs are wonderful as are the coffee cozies. I definitely think you could sell your stuff!

  10. I just love those slippers. The color is awesome. I crochet but find knitting to be very intimidating. Although, I've been told it's easier I find that have to hold things in my hand as opposed to one would be harder. SO all that to say, I admire your work here. Oh hi my name is Noel. I followed u over from the blog link up.

  11. Seriously??? You knit the clogs???? You are amazing!

  12. I love those knitted clogs, I wish I could knit like that!

  13. Ada, these clogs are fabulous. I so love them. Have to find a pattern. Seems I am not a trend setter either and love this too!

  14. I totally love the coffee warmer, what a cute idea!
    New follower from MBC

  15. Those clogs are ridiculously cool. Would you do a 'how to post' one day?


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