Saturday Outtakes (Easter edition)

Saturday, April 7, 2012
Yes, a Beanie Baby. From a Happy Meal. (No, not my Happy Meal.)
Happy Easter everyone! Despite having a bucket load of St. Paddy's Day decorations, I realized last week that I have a total of three (count 'em) Easter decorations. There's the two in the picture above, and then there's this gal:
Yes, she does totally lay bubble gum eggs. Apparently this plastic wind-up hen is as close as I'm going to come to real actual chicken ownerships, although I do have some plans to domesticate the neighborhood grouse this summer . . . . Just kidding. . . . Kind of . . . .

The bubble gum eggs will also be the closest we get to dyed eggs this year. Every year I think I'll dye some eggs (of course using some of those cool techniques that have been popping up on Pinterest lately), but then I remember that I'm not actually the biggest fan of dying eggs. It can be tedious and I'm just not artistic enough to create spectacular colored eggs. I'm sure we'd dye eggs if there were some littles around, but since there aren't, any eggs that will be consumed tomorrow will be fried.
I'm amused by this picture. I think I'll sell it to the MN tourism agency . . .
Andy's mom is up for the weekend to celebrate the holiday and last night we went over to the nearby campground for a picnic to soak up the beautiful spring weather we've been experiencing this week.

Today, I'm keeping busy in the kitchen, getting set for tomorrow's Easter dinner. So far, I have my pie shell baked and there's bread dough raising in a warm corner. This evening I'll mix up a batch of hot cross buns.  My parents are coming up tomorrow for dinner, so we're having a big ol' holiday celebration at the cabin this year.

2011's hot cross buns
Here's our Easter menu:
  • Hot Cross Buns 
  • Greek Salad
  • Lamb and Green Beans (Arni me fasolakia)
  • Yet-to-be-determined rice dish
  • Lemon Meringue Pie 
Currently, Andy and his mom are out fixing up our two new raised bed gardens. There's something about Easter weekend that makes me want to shove my hands in the dirt in get gardening. Must be all the talk about renewal and rebirth associated with Easter.

However you celebrate the weekend, I hope you have a lovely one filled with the promise of spring. 


  1. Don't feel bad Ada, I just last week got all of my winter decor put away (snowmen etc)and yesterday put out some Easter items. Your Chicken is not bad, I suggest putting her in a basket and surrounding her with plastic or candy eggs. Voila! Your hot cross buns look really good and now I have a lemon meringue pie craving...
    Happy Easter

  2. Your hot buns look truly good. Yummy actually

  3. Mmm. I want those hot cross buns for breakfast tomorrow! Your menu sounds delicious. Happy Easter!

  4. Lemon meringue pie AND hot cross buns in the one weekend?? Too good to be true.

  5. That looks like such a delicious dinner! Hope you all have a great Easter

  6. Happy Easter Ada. So nice to have the family helping out with the new raised beds. Can't wait to hear what you will grow in them.

  7. that hen is classic! Happy Easter!

  8. OHhhhhh.... that menu looks delicious! I wish I had been there! Hope you had a lovely Easter!

  9. We totally have that wind up, gum dropping chicken too. It was a little...strange...for the kids :)

  10. I like your chicken decoration!!!
    Of all the cooking I do, I have never made lamb..your menu sounded yummy!
    have a great week.

  11. those look so YUMMY!!!!!


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