How Does Your Garden Grow? Early May 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012
We're having a bluebird blue, beautiful sunny day today. Andy and I took a paddle down the lake this afternoon and as we pulling into the cabin bay, I felt the wind on my back and the sun in my hair. This past week was especially dark and drizzly, but the happy result of all of that chilly dampness is that the leaves on all of the shrubs and trees have popped open in the last couple days. With temps in the lower 70s, I felt like I should be going home to pick some tomatoes off the plants for a batch of homemade salsa.

Of course, it is only the second week of May, so we've got a long wait yet before there are fresh, homegrown tomatoes to be had. But here's what I wake up to each morning:
The tomatoes are currently in the stage where they double in size every week, but I'm hoping I can keep them in their yogurt containers until they get put out in their permanent homes on the deck.

I've mentioned the new raised beds we built earlier this spring a couple times, but I never posted a picture. Here they are:
The sun was so bright today that it's kind of hard to see what growing in the one raised. It's garlic that I transplanted about a week ago from the large raised bed. To be honest, the garlic's not looking so good right now. The tips of the outer leaves have all gone yellow. I'm hoping it's just adjusting to its new home!

Last night, Andy and I planted a big pile of hay and compost:
Actually, there are seed potatoes underneath that mess. We're attempting the Stout potato growing method where you just set the seed potatoes on the ground and then they grow up through the straw. *fingers crossed* (Please don't let this turn into one big slug haven!)

Our stealth rhubarb (in the far left hand corner) is bigger than it ever was last year, but I have a feeling we're not going to be having too many rhubarb pies compliments of this patch. It's still so teeny compared to every other patch of rhubarb I've seen so far this year. Who wants to barter their rhubarb for some of my homemade jam?!

But just look at these beautiful salad greens!
The greens were planted back when we had that warm snap in March and they've been chugging away in the cold frame ever since. I predict homegrown salad before Memorial Day! 

How does your garden grow?


  1. I planted tomatoes and peppers yesterday. I don't have a ton of space, so I get my plants from the nursery instead of starting them from seed.

  2. it is so hopeful to see them growing! I can't wait to see your first crops!

  3. Your plants look great and oh those greens! I love the first greens from the garden. This week I rolled back the plastic from my two caterpillar tunnels and let the rain soak into the ground. This afternoon, I will be harvesting mixed greens (baby chard, kale, mesclun mix, arugula and beet greens), radishes and chinese cabbage leaves. Tomorrow, I will take them to the farmer's market. Happy gardening!

  4. I just got my two tomatoes in pots and also potted basil and oregano. Spinach is doing nicely. The rhubarb, which was transplanted here three years ago, was moved because it was doing NOTHING. Looks a lot like yours. So frustrating. But my sister, bless her, gave me enough rhubarb last weekend for two crisps.

    Keep us posted on how the potato project progresses.

  5. I am SO jealous!!!! You must come here and plant for me, I'm a hot mess in the garden.

  6. Wow!! Your plants/garden is growing so well already! I'm so jealous! We spent a few hours last weekend getting ours ready for the season but I think we'll go the "cheater" way and buy plants from the local greenhouse to plant in a few weeks. Hopefully we get a good growing season this year!


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