I am the Rain King

Monday, May 28, 2012
They always say, be careful what you wish for . . .

Here on the Trail, after a good long week of near hysterics about how dry it was and how high the fire danger was, we've now apparently entered monsoon season. Since Thursday, we've gotten close to 4 inches of rain, plenty of moisture to keep the fire danger down for a good long while. While some are currently bemoaning the all too successful rain dancers, I rather like the rain.
That's not to say I don't feel the inconvenience of near constant rainfall. I'd hoped to have all of the seedlings in the ground by this date, but since there's currently standing water in the raised bed, it's not exactly prime planting weather. The little seedlings especially seem to be struggling with all the moisture. They could really use a nice sunny day so they could dry out a bit instead of tipping over the side of their peat pots with the look of death in their little leaves.
In the last couple day, I've managed to get all of the flowers and tomatoes in their permanent homes for the summer. As I bide my time, waiting to get the rest of the vegetables and herbs planted in the raised bed, what better activity to keep myself busy than a batch of Magnolia Bakery brownies? (Granted, I didn't have the cake flour or unsweetened chocolate the recipe called for, so these are made with a slightly lower amount of all-purpose flour, less sugar, and bittersweet chocolate.) Last night I made a batch of rhubarb sauce and am now scheming up a batch homemade vanilla rhubarb swirl ice cream.
Made in two 9x9" pans, because my 9x13"s are all occupied with seedlings
Of course, it hasn't all been fun, games and rhubarb ice cream. I wrote out my time card yesterday and realized that I haven't had a full day off since the 13th. Suddenly my burnout felt a little less wimpy and a little more acceptable. (To be clear, I only worked 80 hours this past pay period, the hours were just spread out in funny, funky ways.)  Opening day (Saturday) has come and gone and after the 175 visitors we had through the museum yesterday, I'm very much looking forward to the day off that tomorrow brings.   
This is the start of my third season at this place and much of the initial glamor and allure has worn away and it's likely time for me to start plotting what comes next. But I have to admit that a gift shop all stocked and ready for opening day is truly a thing of beauty.

Happy Memorial Day all. Enjoy your day off (if you have one) and celebrate the rain (if you have some). 


  1. We're having the world's driest spring over here in sw mi. Send some rain in our general direction, oh master!

  2. You are a hard worker with a great attitude. Your seedlings have a good start so don't fret about them. They'll rock once they are planted.

  3. your brownies look delightful! We had some pretty wicked rainstorms over the weekend, and watching the intense lightning flashing repeatedly over the lake at our cabin was the highlight!

  4. I am glad you are making the best of the rain! As for your job, I understand what you mean how sometimes the itch for something new comes along. I hope you figure out what your next move is!!!

  5. Vanilla rhubarb swirl icecream?! I have never heard of that! I definitely think you need to share the recipe with us!! I hope you're getting some sunny weather now! Those seeds would sure appreciate it!


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