Out of Season Cookies

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
If the vast amount of asparagus we've been consuming lately is any testament, we eat pretty seasonable around here.

But when Andy wanted chocolate chip cookies the other day . . . just when I'd pull the last container of what was once these guys (below) out of the freezer . . . 
Well, suddenly, these guys seemed like a really good idea:
I haven't made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in ages (if ever), but the recipe I tried out from King Arthur Flour produced lovely soft, yet chewy cookies. While spring days seem more inclined towards delicate shortbreads, slender fingers of lemon bar, mini fruit tarts, and other pretty, petite sweets you might serve at a tea party, the combination of spiced pumpkin and semisweet chocolate has been just the right cozy treat for some rather cool, rainy days.

Seasons, schmeasons.

What have you been baking lately? 


  1. Seriously pumpkin chocolate chip cookies sounda AHMAZING!

  2. maybe its because I'm under the weather and wanting comfort foods, but that sounds so tempting right now!

  3. Mmmm, those look wonderful!
    I made spice muffins a few weeks ago and the house smelled like christmas! I just bought a can of pumpkin too. My son loves pumpkin bread ANY time of the year!

  4. Interesting, I can't say I've ever had pumpkin and chocolate in the same mouthful. Recipe please? ... Also, Ada (I LOVE your blog BTW) you mentioned some puff paint for the bottom of your felted slippers, is there a specific name or brand that you use?

  5. Yes, I would also like the pumpkin/chocolate chip cookie recipe.

    I've been baking and freezing cookies for my son's upcoming high school graduation party: chocolate chip peanut butter, cherry chip sugar cookies and gingersnaps.

    I love to bake, but don't do it much any more since I don't need the sweets and two of my three children are now grown and gone. The husband and son don't have a sweet tooth like me.

  6. Baking with pumpkin is THE BEST! I have a squash intolerance (I know, random & weird) but I still make THE BEST pumpkin choc chip cookies for my coworkers and husband. (and I might eat a few and regret it later!)

    I made some brownies the other day when it was raining. The act of baking is so comforting!

  7. Hi Ada: I know you answered my recipe request but I cannot find it on my puter! Would you mind sending it again? :)


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