Happy Little Miss Homemaker

Monday, June 18, 2012
Last week, Andy and I devoted a large portion of our evenings to watching all of Mad Men Season 1. (Behind the times, I know.) Despite the affinity I felt for Peggy throughout the first season, I spent today much more like Betty than Peggy.

Well, no, I didn't spend my day chain-smoking or start consuming wine at or around 1 p.m. But I did spend my day off engaged in decidedly homemaker-esque tasks. And what a happy little homemaker I was . . . which I guess makes me less like Betty than I previously thought.  ;)

I'm what Suzy Guese calls a "nomadic homebody." As much as I love travel and a good adventure, I need an equal, if not greater amount of time spent puttering around my home to really feel balanced. After a long, busy work week, the cabin and I were overdue for some quality time together.

When I woke up this morning, a mountain of dishes waited by the sink, "past its prime" produce rattled around in the fridge's crisper drawers, the recycling spilled out of its bin and across the floor, and the bathroom was smelling less than fresh.

So today, I vacuumed the entire cabin, finally blocked an afghan for my mother, cleaned the bathroom, did two batches of dishes, did some ironing, took out the recycling and trash, and managed to prepare a balanced supper from a nearly bare fridge. Mundane tasks, yes, but each one was a major accomplishment both for the cabin's appearance and my well-being.  

I performed fridge triage, the happy results of which were a batch of crockpot marinara sauce -using some bruised and otherwise unattractive tomatoes - and these Asian inspired fridge pickles from a cucumber no longer in a state for salad and some garlic scapes from the garden.

I've been chomping at the bit to try these nutty granola bars ever since Marisa posted about them over at Food in Jars.  I have a tried and true granola bar recipe that both Andy and I like, but the chief binder in that recipe is marshmallows and I've been looking for a slightly more wholesome recipe. I finally got a batch made this evening. I'm pretty sure I overbaked them, but they're still darn nommy and *very* calorie rich. One change I would make if I were to make them again would be to use all butter instead of a mixture of coconut oil and butter. (Or I wouldn't use coconut oil that's been in the pantry for an unknown amount of time. . . ahem.)  Besides, who has two thumbs and likes butter? That's right . . . this guy.

I also fertilized the vast majority of vegetables. One patch of veggies that didn't get any fertilizer was the potato patch. These guys already got a goodly amount of Tomato-tone last week and they're looking quite content in their straw-y abode. Maybe, just maybe, this crazy "let's grow potatoes in straw" experiment is going to work. 
It was a good day.

Are you a happy homemaker or do you find chores to dull to be truly pleasurable? 



  1. Dude. Our potatoes and yours look IDENTICAL. Even our straw looks the same. Garden twins!

  2. I completely agree- no matter how much I like to experience new places, there is nothing like coming home to your "home base," right? I could use a little more happy homemaker on the cleaning front. I do enjoy organizing, cooking, and laundry as well as seasonal decorations though!

  3. Wow, you got a TON done! Isn't that the best feeling? I hate housework but once I finally get down to business, it does make me feel like I accomplished something. :D

  4. I love days like this! As I unpack boxes in my new place there is always a sense of accomplishment when I reach the bottom of one. Kind of have to pat myself on the back!

    Sorry that I seem to have fallen off the planet--- moving has been beyond draining!

  5. You were a busy bee!
    I only started watching MadMen this year as well. Love it. Stilling waiting to jump into Season 5 though.

    (ps love the idea of fridge triage :-)


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