Heat, Holidays, and The Week That Was

Friday, July 6, 2012
I've been feeling stretched thin lately and as a result, not only are blog posts far and few between - I also haven't been taking much for pictures. When I plugged in my camera this morning to see what I had at my disposal if I were to actually write a post, I was a little surprised by the lack of pictures at my disposal to illustrate my points.

Let's see. . . . There's this picture of a tadpole which is totally unrelated to anything I'd planned to write about . . . .

I have a 12-year-old volunteer at work. He's volunteering through a community program which will award him with some sort of cultural/learning prize (a ski pass, art classes, or music lessons, etc.) if he volunteers so many hours at a non-profit organization in the community this summer. One thing he loves to do is take pictures on the museum grounds (which we can then use for promotion purposes) and he's a little obsessed with the tadpoles in the ditch beside the driveway. It's hard to tell in the above picture, but those guys are huge. I think they just might be bullfrog tadpoles because I always hear a bullfrog twanging away on his banjo whenever I walk up the driveway.

On Tuesday, Andy and I headed out a little canoeing adventure. Some friends were spending a couple nights in the Boundary Waters, so we paddled out to spend the day with them. Despite the picture below, we did not catch a single fish and instead spent most of the day lounging around the campsite as the temperature climbed higher and higher. It's been consistently in the upper 80s and even in the 90s these last few days. Not nearly as hot as elsewhere in the country, but enough to make these northern Minnesotans feel like death warmed over.
Did everyone have a good Fourth of July? We had a less than celebratory day since we both worked and honestly, the Fourth of July celebration in town just isn't worth the two-hour round trip drive. The parade is so small it goes around the block (yes, block is singular) twice to make it last nearly 10 minutes. The fireworks are usually also a rather pithy affair. So instead we stayed home and watched Mother Nature's own fireworks - we had quite the doozy of thunderstorm roll in in the late afternoon.

Remember Slug watch(!)? We've been having problems with some of our potato plants being cut off at the base. Last night, Andy and I headed out with flashlights to see if we could find the nocturnal pest that's been after our potatoes. I knew slugs were a risk when we planted the potatoes in straw, but I naively hoped  we'd dodge that bullet. Ah well, hopefully we've caught it soon enough to save at least a few of the plants.

What's new in your neck of the woods?



  1. we had a pretty low key fourth of july, at my cabin. We mostly drank beer, sat under the fan in the screened in porch, and played games while my nieces did a little parade in the yard haha

  2. I totally get the overloaded, lack of content feel....

    That being said, how cool is that tadpole!!! I don't blame your young volunteer. :)

  3. Our 4th was relax too. We don't do the whole fire works things because it's just too late for the kiddos. But I do LOVE the tadpole pic :)


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