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Monday, August 20, 2012
Rather than spend this post regaling you with how busy I've been (I decided to take a second job that has me working 6-7 days a week through the end of September . . . hullo Ireland next spring!) I thought I'd take a cue from Katherine over at Irish Italian Blessings and do a fun little post about all the stuff I've been digging lately.

Know what makes your life worth living? Fuzzy, felted slippers that make you slightly resemble a Muppet. I made these back in April and they are seriously the best thing to bum around the house in at the end of the day. Even after a day filled with the nuttiest tourist questions, as soon as I slip on these cushy slippers, my whole body and mind goes "Ahhh!"

And once I've got my fuzzy slippers on, what better to do then settle in on the couch with the Harry Potter flick du jour. That's right, over the last couple weeks, Andy (who was a Harry Potter virgin when we started this film fest) and I watched all eight of the Harry Potter films in order. Because I was so darn old by the time all the books got published (I'd graduated from college when the last book came out) I'd only read the last three books once and I've never even seen the last three movies. It was really fun to watch the whole story unfold in order and without two year gaps between watching each movie. I may actually be motivated to reread all the books next winter. The only issue? We ate so much popcorn while watching the movies that I'm not sure I will ever be able to enjoy this story again without a big bag of greasy popcorn next to me.
Also deserving of a spot on the "I'm Loving It" list? Yep . . . popcorn. Oh nom nom nom.

As someone who works with tourists everyday (they call me "Miss Information") I'm really loving this pin of one of fellow Minnesotan Andrew Zimmern's quotes. I think if you read between the lines of this post, I think you'll find the message "stop freakin' asking me where to see moose, already." 

Source: pinerly.com via Ada on Pinterest

I'm loving that even though Andy and I are basically ships passing in the night, we still managed to get out for a little brook trout fishing last Tuesday. We caught some beautiful young trout and then returned them right back to the stream. 
I'm loving that when I need to a green pepper when I'm making dinner that I just head out to the porch and pick one. And they say you can't grow peppers in northern Minnesota . . . .

I'm loving designing fun new headbands for my Etsy shop. They're just the right sized project for my pea-sized attention span these days and they're so cute.

I'm loving the never-ending batch of fridge pickles in our fridge. Our cucumber trellis is absolutely loaded with cucumbers this year. I may try my hand at some dill relish soon. Because who doesn't love a canning project?

What are you loving these days?



  1. Mmm fridge pickles! We have been watching the James Bond movies from the very beginning once a week, and having kind of a drawn out marathon!

  2. I am Potter-dicted, felt-fanatic and used to have a passion for pickles. Seems latter I forgot on the other side of the pond.
    Currently I am all crazy about the flea markets here in DC, spending time at the Mall over and over again. My Fridays are spent in the sculpture garden @ The National Gallery for some jazz...
    Finally back in the blog world, truly missed it...

  3. Do you have a recipe for the fridge pickles? I have a HUGE cucumber that I'd love to do this with! You have my email :-) Love the green pepper!

  4. Oh, Ireland! Lucky you!!!

    Yum, I love bell peppers and cucumbers. Nice!

    And the fuzzy slippers, look like a soft cloud :)

  5. A wonderful list! You have been very busy! Love the fridge pickles (those are the only kind I make)! Now that my PC is all fixed I can catch up on blog land. Take care Ada!

  6. Great list! I had no idea you were working so much too but honestly, Ireland would be the BEST payoff ever!!


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