And then Autumn came . . .

Monday, September 3, 2012
I love Fall. It's always been my favorite-iest of seasons. And around here, with the non-stop madness of "go, go, go" that summer brings, we tend to put autumn on a pedestal. I'll admit it - I have ridiculously high expectations for the season this year.

While autumn does mean shorter days and the ever-nearing possibility of snow (oh yuck!), I always find the nip in the air invigorating and grounding. With autumn being the back to school season, we've been conditioned to view fall as a time to buckle down to the serious tasks at hand and to reestablish structure and schedule in our lives. Now is the time to write out business plans, figure the projects that will keep us busy and employed during the snowy season ahead, and to put up the garden's harvest.
Here's what I'm looking forward to this autumn:
  • Finishing up my garden "putting up" projects: freezing tomatoes and green beans, canning jalapenos and homemade dill pickle relish, making the final batch of pesto.
  • Long walks in the woods during grouse hunting season
  • The return of a normal work week. As fun as the whole working 13 days in a row has been, I'll be happy when September wraps up and I return to working 5 days a week . . . like a civilized person. 
  • Autumn knitting projects 
  • Cool evenings 
  • Bright blue autumn skies 
  • The smell of fallen leaves

In other autumn-ish news:

I made my first sale in the Etsy shop last week. Woot-woot! So I did the only logical thing one should do after their first (very small) sale - ordered a whole bunch of new yarn. I can hardly wait for it to arrive so I can start designing more headbands and other pretty things for the shop.

I also have a bunch of lovely sponsors for September (check out the left sidebar!) who I'll be introducing later this week. If you'd like to join them, it's not too late. Just click here to grab a sponsor spot: ads run for 30 days.

What's your favorite season? What are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. Hi Ada! Nice to meet you ;) Came across your blog via Pixie Mama - and I've got to say, the bit about making a first etsy sale and buying a bunch of yarn had me laughing really hard because ... I've only made four sales on mine, and have spent more than that on art supplies, I'm sure ;) Ah well ... can't let creativity die!

    Best of luck with the shop!!

    Ladaisi Blog
    Ladaisi Etsy

  2. Congrats on your first sale girl!!! I love Autumn too... it's my birthday time, Halloween, cooler weather... LOVE it.

  3. congrats on the etsy sale! I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy the leaves turning, as cliche as it is.

  4. CONGRATS ON THE ETSY shop sale!! I totally remember that first email and it was so exciting! Buy yourself some new yarn, you totally deserve it! Oh and I see lots more sales in your future with the weather changing!

  5. It's almost autumn in the UK but it will be a while before the leaves start to change colour. I'm another lover of the 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness'
    Your pics are lovely.

  6. That last photo of the aspen (I think) sure looked like fall is upon you in full glory. You are such a hard working gal and full of good spirit.


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