Rabbit, Rabbit

Monday, October 1, 2012
Well, hello there October! Where the heck did you come from?!

Does anyone else welcome in the new month by saying "Rabbit, rabbit?"  I adopted the tradition/superstition years ago when I watched the Nick Days blurb on Nickelodeon about how it supposedly brings good luck all month if you say "rabbit, rabbit" first thing on the first day of the month. (You know you were raised in the 90s when . . . )  According to Wikipedia (oh font of all knowledge) this superstition originated in Great Britian, probably in the late 1800s, and has since spread to all English speaking countries. I made sure the first words out of my mouth this morning were "rabbit, rabbit" so now I'm set with good luck all month. ;)

Speaking of Nickelodeon (is it even on the air anymore?!), why is it that I can remember all the words from the "Good Burger" skit on All That ("Welcome to Good Burger. Would you like a Good Burger? Can I take your order, please?"), but I can't remember the capital of Kazakhstan, which I did a report on some time in middle school . . . roughly the same time period as when I was watching (apparently) way too much Nickelodeon. And I can still hear the Nickelodeon jingle: Nick-a-looow-de-on!  Hmmm, suddenly I understand why I didn't get into Yale . . .


All I really wanted to say was, "Happy October!"  I've reached the end of my marathon work schedule, which means that today is the first of two whole days off . . . in a row. I'm pretty giddy about the prospect of this newly found free time. Of course there are plenty of projects vying for my time already, but for the time being, I'm attempting to catch up on the blogsphere. The dirty house can wait another hour or two before I give it my full attention.   

Andy and I writing off September as the lost month. Because September was such a blur, I find myself still thinking that it's the end of August. Then I head out back and wonder what the heck happened to the garden.

Apparently the garden all hopped into the freezer (I'm sure I had some hand in this, probably in a semi-conscious state after work), because our chest freezer is stuffed to the gills with green beans, tomatoes, cabbage, apples and blueberries. With the freezer being so full, Andy's been pestering me about where exactly we'd put a deer if he gets one this year. He raises a valid point. I think we have months to eat our way through the now very full freezer before we have to contend with storing 40 pounds of venison sausage, but then realize that November and deer season are next month. Yikes!

But enough. For today, I'm going to take a break from first world problems like wondering what we're going to do with all of this food and instead, spend my day soaking up the autumn colors, which I'm pretty sure peaked over the weekend. It's a cool, grey day - perfect for tea, reading, knitting, housekeeping projects and trying out new recipes for dinner. I hope you all find some time for renewal today as well. 

The view from one of Andy and my main grouse hunting hikes earlier this week

Side note: want to sponsor Of Woods and Words this October? There's still space for some more advertisers and I'm totally open to swaps. Lemme know.

Happy October! May you have good luck all month long!


  1. I watched WAY to much Nickelodeon as well, because I completely heard the good burger speech in Kel's Voice, and every-time I get an orange soda I feel the need to say "who loves orange soda? Kel Loves orange soda!"


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