Heigh Ho Holidays

Monday, December 17, 2012
Two holiday traditions have come and gone for 2012. A batch of peanut butter balls shitballs has been made and I took part in a wonderful (albeit, very subdued) holiday get-together on Friday evening.

Shitballs 2012: They ended up with little caps this year to use up some of the extra melted chocolate

Friday night's festivities - a wine and cheese party/surprise baby shower/slumber party - turned into a slumber party holiday movie-a-thon, heavy on the slumber, although a glass or two of wine and some delicious cheese (mmmmm cranberry stilton) was consumed by all. (Being an adult can be so cool sometimes.)

Our baby mama didn't make it due to a cruddy weather forecast, but we had a wonderful time playing games and eating cake!
On Saturday, I caught Catch Me If You Can (meh - I wouldn't recommend it) at the Minneapolis Orpheum and I spent yesterday with my brother who was home for the weekend. Oh, and I also slept 11 hours last night. (Back to the whole being a super cool adult thing . . . ;)

So now I'm back at the cabin, attempting to not turn into a holiday stress-bot.

A rather extensive holiday to-do list remains:
  • Wrap presents
  • Make Christmas cookies 
  • Get tree
  • Decorate tree and cabin 
  • Send Christmas cards 
  • Send Christmas packages 
  • Finish buying stocking stuffers
Andy stated last night that some the Christmas stuff probably needs to trump some of our work "to-do" lists this week and I think he's right.

I'm having an interesting holiday season as a retailer for the first time ever. There's not only Etsy orders rolling in, I'm also doing some gift shop sales as part of my day job. Turns out, people really do wait until the last minute to do their shopping. Although I know there's nothing I can do about getting packages to people in time once I hand over the orders to the mail lady, I still worry about gifts making it under the Christmas tree on time! I implore of all you tardy Christmas shops - place those orders now!

On another Christmas-y, gift-y note, check out this amazing bread recipe that I posted as part of Margot's Christmas Cookie Countdown at Newfoundlander at Heart.

 Can you believe it'll be Christmas Eve in just a week? What the heck?!

As we all look forward to the holidays ahead and also work to comprehend Friday's events in CT, I hope we can all keep the true spirit of the holiday season close to heart. Regardless of the season, the most important thing we are charged with each and every day is letting our loved ones know just how much they're loved.


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  1. You have a nice life :-) I just made those PB Balls over the weekend. Probably similar recipe, and they are delicious!


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