A Sweet (Heart) Shop Update

Monday, January 21, 2013

While Christmas is all well and good, I've always found the less-hyped holidays more my speed. Since I was a little girl, I've found great pleasure in celebrating the holidays that could so easily be dismissed as "just another day."  With the tiniest bit of thought and care - a batch of latkes for Hanukkah, a King's Cake for Mardi Gras or little knit shamrocks hanging in the window for St Patrick's Day - the most ordinary of days becomes special.

I knew when I launched Yes Sir, Yes Sir last year that I wanted the shop to reflect my love of the holidays and changing seasons. So I'm excited to unveil a couple new items I've designed with the upcoming Valentine's Day in mind.

In the Yes Sir, Yes Sir selection of coffee cup cozies you'll find a heart cozies. The heart design is mine, using a combination of cabling and seed stitch.

Even if the design is Valentine's Day inspired, you can totally use these cozies year-round. I mean, who doesn't *heart* their warm beverages, right? ;) If you'd prefer less "traditional" Valentine's Day colors for your heart cozy, let me know. I'll happily knit one up just for you in the color of your choice.
Heart Coffee Cup Cozy: $7.95
Need more than just your love to keep you warm? Check out these sweet, ruby red and natural white, double knit mittens with a wrap around heart design. I hate to play favorites within my own shop, but seriously, these may be the favorite item I've designed so far. The deep red yarn keeps the design from being too saccharine and because the mittens are double knit, they have amazing wind-blocking qualities and will keep your fingers toasty warm even on the coldest winter day.
Wool Heart Mittens - $34.95

If you're still feeling worn out from the Christmas holiday season, don't worry, Valentine's Day's still a good three weeks off. That said, a fuzzy, woolen gift from Yes Sir, Yes Sir! is a great way to keep your Valentine warm this year.

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  1. Ada, your creations are wonderful! You have a wonderful eye for color and design, and your knitting is exquisite!


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