Ah, February Sunshine!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Lucky us: we've recently had a slew of sunny days. We're also experiencing a pretty impressive range of temperatures each day, consistently on a range from -15 below to 40 above. That means dry pavement (hooray for a drive home made almost entirely in 5th gear!), sparkly snow, and some beautiful frosty trees and shrubs. Since our cabin has a fantastic southerly exposure, it's also made for one toasty cabin.

This morning, we woke up to 57 degree cabin, so Andy started a fire, we ate some breakfast and then headed to town for the weekly errands. When I came back a little after three this afternoon, the cabin was a stuffy 88 degrees! Ick!

It seems a little ridiculous to have the door wide open in February, but sometimes you've just got to waste a little energy. That said, I knew I didn't want to waste the sunshine, so I headed out on a little hike down the lake in the late afternoon while I waited for the cabin to cool down.

I can't get enough of these blue skies. If you could put sunshine in a bucket, I'd take a big slurp out of it and then dump it over my head.

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