Off Our Arses, Into the Woods

Friday, March 8, 2013

So after declaring ourselves lazy bums on Tuesday, we knew we should probably shake off the winter blahs and actually head outside for some fresh air. We'd heard that a couple people had snowshoed on a nearby trail so we decided to head over to see if the path was firm enough to walk on with just boots. (While snowshoeing sounds awfully romantic, they're putzy and cumbersome - given my druthers, I always opt for just boots for winter walking.)

We've hiked this trail a few times before (here and here) and I spent a lot of time off the trail last summer in search of blueberries. The approximately 1 mile long trail leads to a 1600 + ft hill with a panoramic view of the surrounding woods. The trail has gotten a lot of use in the summer since it opened last spring, but it doesn't appear to get much winter traffic. That's too bad because when there's a packed trail, it's actually faster to hike in the winter because you don't have to pick your way over stray rocks and roots all the time. I think the view in the winter is just as nice as the summer view.

I hope you've had a chance to get out and enjoy some late winter sunshine. They say action is the antidote to despair, so if you're suffering from winter gloomies, your best bet just might be to get out in the winter world!  
 P.S. Need another excuse to get outside? The sun starts providing Vitamin D around March 15 at this latitude.


  1. I've been trying to get out more lately since its been not so hostile outside! This last Friday was sunny and gorgeous so I got a good walk in!

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