Lost and Found

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
I know that when Mercury is in retrograde that, if you're inclined towards astrological reasoning, things are prone to go to hell in a hand basket. I've experienced enough wonky Mercury Retrogrades to believe that astrologists just might be on to something. So if Mercury Retrogrades are associated with mass miscommunications, delays, difficulty contacting someone, car and other technology problems, and angrier people, then there also must be an astrological explanation for a string of good coincidences. Does anybody know?

You see, lately we've been finding things. Not things that were misplaced (because that happens all the time), but things that were L.O.S.T.  As in, we'd long ago given up hope of ever seeing them again. Apparently St. Anthony is smiling upon us.

Last week, Andy happened to swing by the Shack (remember the Shack?!) and happened to see the third disc of Sex and the City Season Four sitting out. This is a disc I literally tore the cabin apart a couple months after moving into the cabin trying to find. Apparently, it never made the move. After not seeing it for three years,it was a pleasant surprise to be reunited.

Finally, I get to know what becomes of Carrie and Aidan! J/k. I already know. Speaking of which, for those who are all "Team Aidan," how exactly did you see that working out? The two don't seem compatible at all IMHO; in fact, I'm not even sure why Aidan lives in Manhattan . . . Also, Pete. What is up with Pete?

On Saturday, when I was dusting a dresser, I knocked a few DVDs behind the dresser. (Fyi, no idea how I misplaced that SATC disc originally. ;P) To reach the DVDs, I had to pull out the dresser from the wall, which is when I found four pairs of socks (including a pair I'd been bemoaning the loss of for over a year) and a small camp lantern.

Hey look, socks!
Then on Sunday, Andy's mother happened to find a rescue blanket which had escaped Andy's fire pack a few weeks back, which Andy had been maybe obsessing a teeny, tiny little bit over after he discovered it missing. 

Logic tells me that all this found stuff is merely a coincidence, but my heart wants to believe that there's some deeper cosmic connection. Have you ever gone on a string of finding things? Or losing things, for that matter? ;)

For any locals reading this, my documentary on the BWCAW airs tomorrow (Thursday) on WTIP at 7 p.m. This was a fairly major project that I spent a decent chunk of the winter working on and I'm pleased with the final result, although, like any project, there are a gazillion little things I would have done differently if I'd had unlimited time to work on it. As one video producer told me recently, "Projects are never finished, they're just finally abandoned."


  1. Ada, you are so funny. I never thought of a deeper connection, except that I may have had a deeper connection with the broom during Spring cleaning! but maybe I am suffer from a severe lack of imagination.

  2. I'm going to try and remember to catch your documentary tomorrow night!

  3. I ALWAYS think of a deeper connection when "coincidences" or stuff like this happens. There is energy to everything, attracting and repelling. Throughout the day yesterday, I heard 4 different "words" used on t.v. that weren't really words. It was the oddest thing. I can't even remember what they are now. Shoot. Oh, one was "cleanly" pronounced like you would cleanliness but without the 'ness." I heard it on a documentary! I just thought it was odd and still have no explanation for it. There must be some weird energy or message to it!


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