How Does Your Garden Grow

Sunday, July 14, 2013
When I got home from crafting weekend a couple weekends back, I swear the veggies in our garden had doubled in size.Although winter took a while in leaving this year, we've had a decent growing year so far, with plenty of rain and a bit of heat. I've been marveling at how well the garden seems to be doing this year and then I remember that's because we simply gave up on some veggies (salad greens, spinach, onions, to name a few) that have always struggled in our garden and have devoted their previous (and precious) garden space to veggies that consistently thrive, like beans and kohlrabi. At the moment, everything points to a very productive garden year.

These potatoes are growing in soil this year rather than straw bales and seem to be quite happy. 


We did end up recycling the straw from last year's straw bale potato experiment and have potatoes growing there too. 


I've been trying to keep up with pruning suckers on the tomatoes to make them more productive and to make them a little more manageable. Still, we're well on our way to have "monster" tomatoes that need to be tied up so we can get to the front door.

Beans and cabbage in a corner of the raised bed.
Baby gherkin.

Herbs and a baby eggplant.
We're growing kossak kohlrabi this year, which can grow up to 10 inches in diameter and 10 lbs! I'm planning to have a freezer full of kohlrabi for winter dinners this year.

Peppers (bell and jalapeno) and a not so baby eggplant.
The guys with the party hats are here!

The watermelon (with cosmos in the back) is finally coming into its own.

How does your garden grow?


  1. This is beautiful! You are talented. I love plants but they tend to become suicidal around me and these days Im super excited that I've managed to keep two house plants alive for the better part of 6 months. :)
    Your garden is quite impressive!

  2. Your garden looks beautiful! Mine's not doing too well this year and I'm losing interest in it. I do have some good kohlrabi growing though. I planted late and down scaled this year because I got such a late start. Hopefully next year will be better. Enjoy yours!

  3. Love this! I can't wait to have a place where I can grow more than a few herbs on the patio :)


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