Friday Fishing: A Photo Essay

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Andy wanted to go fishing on Friday, so he decided on a destination down the lake and packed up the snowmobile. Just another grey winter day with gusty winds, brightened a bit by the prospect of catching a lake trout.

We parked the snow machine on the border of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and started the trudge down to our destination, about a mile and half down a island dotted corridor of lake. The wind was really whipping by now and the prospect of serving as a human wind break dulled the promise of expedition, but we trudged on.


About a mile into our trek, the sun came out!

However the wind didn't quit, and our destination still felt a long ways off.

As pretty as it was, we decided to turn around and head back to the cabin to reassess.

After a bite of lunch, we were ready to tackle plan B. Enter the winter camping tent doubling up as an ice fishing shelter. We headed out just about a half mile from the cabin and set up "camp."


Blocked from the wind, with a fire crackling in the portable wood stove, plan B was pretty cozy. 

Hot beverages on demand always make things better.


And look, we even caught fish! It would have been dinner that night, but it froze solid in the time between the catching and us packing up camp for the evening. Instead, it was Saturday's dinner.

Not too shabby.



  1. I am seriously impressed. You guys are bad a$$es!

  2. A beautiful destination, but I don't blame you for taking Option B!


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