Guess Who's Back?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
I knew this year that blogging during the months I work full-time out of the home wasn't going to be a priority. Well, not only was it not a priority, it was nonexistent. I didn't even feel bad. But now I'm back . . . back again . . . Ada's back, tell a friend. (10 points if you get the musical reference.)

The thing is, I've been taking happiness and the creation of it in my life pretty seriously (as evidenced by my reading this year: The Happiness Project, The Art of Happiness, et al) and I knew from past experience that attempting to do everything (blog, keep up with freelance assignments, canning all the food, running a successful Etsy shop, etc. etc.) while I was working away from home was an excellent recipe for burnout, grumpiness, and a whole lot of guilt. So before heading into the summer,  I set up some clear boundaries and decided this work season I would focus on being happy at work and not worry about writing one bit. After churning out a couple manuscript drafts and lots of freelance work last winter, I was pretty content with what I'd accomplished so far for the year and knew that taking the summer off did not mean I would never write again. Happily, my insight was correct: I lead a pretty carefree summer and here I am writing again. All's well in the world.

Since our paths last crossed, I've been a bridesmaid.

I traveled to a foreign country (okay, so it's less than a two hour drive to the Ontario strawberry farm) to pick strawberries with my mom.

Had a beautiful bluebird August day paddle in search of blueberries.

Enjoyed the company of friends on an autumn hike around the Centennial Trail.

Knit several more sets of bridesmaid mittens for the Etsy shop and am once again swearing off mitten knitting . . . until the next order comes in.

I saw some moose too.

Currently I'm in the third week of a 20 week course on Kings and Queens of England, which is basically my new favorite thing ever. I'm slowly adjusting back to being home all day and hope to step up the writing output shortly.  I hope these last five months have treated you as well as they've treated me. We'll talk more soon.
 P.S. If you're reading this post in a reader or email, please click over to the actual blog and check out the new design. Isn't it purrdy?


  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you made the right choices to avoid burn-out. I think once a writer, always a writer.

    I love the new header. Perfect for you and your blog.

  2. I'm glad you are back. :) I love your blog's new look too.


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