Happily Ever After in NYC

Monday, April 19, 2010
Just quick check-ins on the blog this week. We've successfully made it to NYC: today the shameless tourism begins. More later. . . .

Evening Update
It's certainly been a whirlwind. We really only have five full days in the City and we're planning to take advantage of every secnd of it. Luckily we're in the city that never sleeps and we obtained New York Passes today which give us access to a ton of touristy attractions. Today's tally for sights seen:

Empire State Building
NY Public Library
NBC Studio Tour
The Top of the Rock(efeller)
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Times Square
Madame Tussaud's
Magnolia Bakery -- the cupcakes are good and we didn't have to loop ourselves around the block to get our paws on them. 

The New York Pass (although pricey upfront) covers the cost for a lot of expensive tourist traps that I wouldn't otherwise even think about going into, so it's nice to have an excuse to go to some place like Madame Tussaud's which otherwise is truly not experience worth its cost.

I'm somewhat shocked by how much New York feels like London at time. It looks markedly different, but the rush of people and plethora of things to do and see is more than vaguely familiar. At times I find myself surprised that I'm surrounded by people who, when they do speak English, speak with my accent. Okay, it's a little different than my Midwestern inflections. . . .   

Pictures to come.

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