Once Upon A Time in London

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Once upon a time in London, many, many (okay, two) years ago, three girls set off to work in London, England for half a year. One was from northern Minnesota; two were from western Canada. It turned out that they had more than a natural inclination for cold climates in common:
they all enjoyed a good cup of coffee,
Jane Austen, 
and, of course, new adventures. 

Most importantly, they all lived in house known as “Mrs. Bailey’s.”

Each morning, they set off to go their separate ways for the day. The Minnesotan and one Canadian worked in administrative assistant positions in the City. Naturally, they took the Tube together to work. The other Canuck worked as a barista.

When the three had free time, they did a lot of things together.

They made Princess Cakes. 

They pretended to be Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.
They went to tea at the Ritz. 
 Then April came, and the Minnesotan’s visa ran out. Before she headed home, the three made a vow. “NYC 2010!” they said. And so a reunion was planned.

Many travel plans never make it out of the gestation period. But tomorrow, the three will reunite at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Images of Sex and the City may dance through our heads, and as much as we look forward to being nerdy tourists in city that’s basically brand new to all of us, the most exciting thing about this upcoming New York trip is that we’ll be together again.

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