No Fooling

Thursday, April 1, 2010
I’ve never cared for April Fool’s Day. The whole concept of the day has always seemed a bit misguided. I’m not sure where the fun is in taking advantage of people. And doesn’t corporate America do that every day anyway? Do we really need a special day set aside for it each year?

There’s no time for fooling around here. Tomorrow morning the train leaves the station and won’t return for nearly two weeks. Because I have an out of town work appointment tomorrow afternoon, we don’t have the luxury of being able to leave whenever we’re ready to go tomorrow. Everything needs to be pretty set to go this evening, although we don’t actually fly anywhere until Saturday.

Right now everything’s kind of frantic hum of trying to think of everything I need to pack, making sure all the stinky garbage is out of the house and wondering when the best time would be to do that finally load of dishes. I’ve also got to devote some time to get the toiletry bag in order. Petty, I know, but with all the liquids needing to be in their own baggy, I need to sort through it. On top of the buzz of preparations, it’s starting to sink in that I’m going to be gone for a significant chunk of time. I sure hope there isn’t anything crucial I’ve forgotten to do.

I got a good start on a project today. I’m really excited about the progress I made yet am simultaneously overwhelmed because I realized the progress I made today is just the beginning of a very large project. Seems like a good time to go on vacation. I’ll be happy when I get back that I got this work done ahead of time.

Today the temps have been close to 70 degrees. The robins are out in full force and the lake is looking quite black. The goldfinches have been hanging out at the feeder for the last week or so.

Next time I talk, it’ll be from the road. Happy April everyone!

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