Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2010
I’m happy to report that the Sea/Tac airport is in no need for baggage retrieval reform. After our plane landed (it was slightly ahead of schedule) we made our way to the baggage retrieval in the main terminal where we waited approximately two minutes before my bag came spewing out onto the baggage carousel. Since they’ve started requiring a payment for checked bags, I’ve tried my hardest to avoid having to check any bags. Although I’ve flown into Seattle before, I’ve never had to retrieve a bag. But like everything in this trip so far, checking a bag proved delightfully straight forward.

I suspect Andy and I are kind of like what hobbits would be like if they went on vacation, as long as they weren’t bothered by any of that nasty ring business. “Oh look, food!” they would exclaim. “Oh look! Nice things to drink!” Because we come from such a rural area where options for food and drink are limited, eating out tends to be a big focus of our travels. Last night we had a lovely meal at the Coastal Kitchen. Tonight we found a little gastropub just a few blocks south of where we’re staying. Some clam chowder and plenty of microbrews have also been consumed.

It’s so nice to be where everything is green and flowering.
It seems most Minnesotans like to “make a break for it” come April when their home state is reduced to nothing but rotting dead grass and mud. Here the trees are flowering, along with violets and primroses. The weather has been fine: a little chilly with some spitting rain.

We had a day of wandering today. We’re about a 25 minute walk from downtown. We wandered through Pike’s Place Market and spent a good long time in the Seattle Aquarium where I tested out the “aquarium” setting on my new camera extensively.

We headed up to the Seattle Center where we went through the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum. (Admission to the SFM is free with admission to EMP – I’m not sure how many people would head through the SFM if admissions were separate!) Since we won’t rent a car until Tuesday, we walked everywhere today. Now we’re both nursing sore feet.

Not sure what tomorrow brings: more exploring of some sort. Right now Andy's trying to set up the mini DVD/TV in our room and has succeeded only in dropping it on my leg. Here's to hoping he's slightly more successful in his endeavors.

Hope everyone’s had a lovely Easter! It's been a low-key one here, but nevertheless, a good one.

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