Sunday, May 16, 2010
Tomorrow marks my return to gainful employment. That is, tomorrow I will leave the house, perform assigned tasks, record my hours, and after couple weeks, get a check. This is as opposed to my current form of employment in which I plunk down and type away at the computer for hours on end, get a headache, check Facebook, check blogger, eat lunch, go for a walk, eat my second lunch (I may actually be half hobbit), type away at the computer some more and every once in a while get a check in the mail.

To prepare myself for this drastic switch in income method I’ve spent the weekend weeding. Not only did I tackle the quack grass in the garden, I sifted through various other projects that have been languishing around the cabin, trying to weed out and complete what I could. I got all my freelance work finished (well, the deadline is tomorrow), got myself a commentary commentary ahead of schedule, finished a sweater, and even did a semi-final edit on the first radio script.

This weekend was Fishing Opener and it’s hard to imagine a more ideal weekend. Right now there’s a fishing boat bobbing out in the bay in 75 degree weather with just a touch of breeze. It’s really not about the fish on days like this. I bet on openers when it’s spitting snow and rain, it’s a little more about the fish.

The garden loves the warm weather. A bunch of onions poked up yesterday morning and I think there might be some peas joining their ranks as well. Some of the seedlings have spent their weekend out on the deck in the true sunlight for the very first time.

The sweater I finished this afternoon is also sunning itself. I had to block the snot out of the sweater (yep, a technical term meaning to pin the knitted garment down to a flat surface to “set” the stitches so the garment hangs right when it’s worn) because the garment is just ever so slightly too large and I’m trying to shrink the sweater in the sunlight. This might be the equivalent of trying to jam a square peg into a round hole, but it seemed worth a try.

It feels too much like summer to be fussing about a sweater. The whole weekend has had a contented, “Anne of Green Gables” sort of feel, filled with good friends, family, laughter and simple pleasures. If this is summer, I say bring it on.

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