Bears, Berries, and Busy-ness

Friday, June 11, 2010
After a couple weeks of unseasonably warm weather in May, things took a turn for the chilly this June. A turn for the chilly and rainy. Considering the high fire danger we all worried ourselves sick about in May, we’re not about to wish away our current lot of somewhat gloomy weather. Still it can make things a little uncomfortable when you work in a stone building --I always wanted to know what it would be like to live in a castle! --and you try to walk to work everyday.

On Tuesday, I walked to work. About 1 in the afternoon, the rain started to really come down. I figured I’d wait it out: I had plenty of work to keep me busy before I had to make the 25 minute walk home. About 4 in the afternoon, I was wrapping the day’s projects. Outside, the rain still came down: cats and dogs. So I called Andy when he got home from work and had him pick me up.

Yesterday, a bit of drizzle fell down, but not so much rain to deter me walking home. So I was a little confused when Andy drove up as I was starting out towards home.

“Did want you to have to walk past the bear,” he said.

Just down the road, a bear had gotten in some garbage or bird feeder on a neighbor’s porch and the rest of the neighbors were scrambling to get their garbage tucked away before the bear could make a mess of it. This morning, when Andy drove to work, he say two full grown bears were on the same neighbor’s porch. I have yet to lay eyes on the bears, but other neighbors say there’s a cub in the area as well.

You’d think the bears would be forsaking their garbage smorgasbord for the berries that are starting to ripen in the woods. I’ve been meaning to head out with a little cup to gather some of the strawberries that peeping their red faces out from foliage along the roadside. But things like installing the gift shop at work have taken precedent.

As we get closer and closer the museum grand opening, an increasing sense of urgency has infused everything. But there’s something satisfying about getting everything in order, even if installing a gift shop means a lot of data entry and learning a new computer system. (Yesterday Andy and I had so much fun playing around with the museum’s point of sale system in practice mode that I fear he’ll eventually talk me into the small business owner’s life that I am so steadfastly against) Today, we got about halfway through pricing and entering the items, tomorrow I will get some work done by myself, and on Sunday we will make the final push to get everything in order.

It’s times like this when days off just are opportunities to get other work done when you most appreciate a cup of herbal tea (is it bad that I now paw manically through the tea selection looking for the tea labeled “meditative time”?) and a good book. I’ve about 2/3s of the way through Olive Kitterage and really enjoying it, although my mother warns me it “doesn’t all come together like you think it should.”

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