Fluffy Duckies Like Rain

Friday, June 4, 2010
We’ve known for a while that things were going to get a little nutty this summer. The question was, when? But I’m happy to announce that we officially have an answer . . . now!

After a couple weeks of figuring out the whole new job thing (since it’s a brand new venture, we spend a good amount of time speculating on how things might work out) I’ve developed a somewhat rapid-fire to-do list that keeps me busy and my inbox full. On top of the new job, I have three (pretty low-key) article assignments to tackle and today I spent half the day in town piecing together the first radio commentary in a series of six.

Still, despite the everlasting work week that threatens to eat up summer in one big, blurred bite, we’re attempting to tuck little summer moments into our schedules. On Wednesday evening, we went to the end of the dock for a little laissez-faire fishing. Andy actually caught a couple small bass, although we didn’t keep them. I’m not catching anything: I’m still working to perfect my cast. Considering the fact that the highlight of my childhood fishing career was dropping my brother’s rod off a cliff (oh, the screams!), keeping the rod in my hands at all times remains my biggest priority. So far, so good.
After a nice soaking rain on Tuesday, we got another rainy day today. The garden’s very happy for the natural watering. The ducks are happy too. This family swam by this afternoon. They didn’t seem too interested in the bread I threw down the deck to them, but since they’d been making the rounds along the bay’s shore, I suspect they might have been rather full from other bay residents’ bread crumbs. I don't think I'll ever get over just how fluffy and cute little ducklings are. It probably behooves all of us to "make way from ducklings," in the spirit of Robert McCloskey's children's book classic.
These ducklings look rather big for the first week in June, but then everything seems about a month ahead of schedule. Maybe even this waterlily.
In truth, things always ahead of schedule in the summer. But it’s just the name of the game in this busy, warm season. If we don’t savor it as it flies by, it’ll be autumn before we know it.

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